Feminine Wipes

Find the best and softest feminine wipes on the market in this section. They're perfect for feeling clean, fresh and comfortable anywhere and at any time. They prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and respect your natural pH. The best care for your intimate area.

Feminine Wipes

Don't overdo it or underdo it — maintain perfect feminine hygiene with the best and softest intimate wipes on the market. Wipes have become very popular in recent years. This is not only due to our busy lifestyles, but also because there is greater awareness of the importance of preventing the growth of germs and bacteria in one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies. The intimate wipes in this section of EroticFeel will make you feel clean, fresh and comfortable. At the same time, they'll help to maintain the healthy bacteria that keeps your pH within the optimal range and protects you from infections.

Keep in mind that the genitals only need to be washed externally — douching is not necessary or recommended. Avoids sponges and intimate deodorants and boost your hygiene during your period.

These wipes are specifically formulated to care for your intimate area without causing irritation or altering your natural pH. Convenient cleanliness and freshness at any time — browse our catalogue, choose, and take them with you everywhere.


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