Why buy a hands-free masturbator?

If you were asked to list the necessary ingredients for a perfect penis masturbation, what would you say? Excitement and your sturdy hands would be more than enough, right? A few years ago, that would have been the answer, but in the 21st century, things have changed a lot, so much so that hands-free masturbators have entered the world of erotic toys. As you read, it may seem like a trend worthy of millennials or Generation Z, but believe us when we say that it's probably one of the best inventions; at least, you'll make good use of it.

A hands-free masturbator allows you to masturbate without the need for your hands to constantly go up and down in a rhythmic way until you climax. We're not saying that the traditional technique is wrong or anything, it's just that there's something better, more effective, and a thousand times more comfortable. Besides, do you think that with the manual method, you can experience all the sensations that a hands-free masturbator can provoke? We'll tell you, you can't. Suction, vibration, and pressure are just some of the different stimulations that you can only achieve with a hands-free masturbator. Don't miss out on trying them!

If there are three brands that know perfectly the advantages of a hands-free masturbator, they are LELO, Pipedream, and PDX. They all have different hands-free masturbators in their catalogs of sex toys, with a multitude of designs and colors.

It's like the hands-free feature on your phone that allows you to be cooking without having to hold the mobile while talking to your mother. Well, hands-free masturbators allow you to masturbate without having to do practically anything. Do you still not like the idea?


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