Kegel Balls with Control

What are Remote-Controlled Ben Wa Balls?

The remote-controlled Ben Wa balls you'll find in our Online Sex Shop bring the latest technology to your orgasms, allowing you to enjoy without limits. Not only do they offer the possibility of using them remotely, but they also provide rotation and multiple vibration patterns that you can control remotely. Forget about the typical erotic toys that require movement for pleasure and experience incredible orgasms on your couch, during a dinner with friends, or wherever your imagination allows. Moreover, remote-controlled Ben Wa balls offer the possibility of playing with a partner. Let that special person take control, sending shivers down your body without even touching you.

How to Use Remote-Controlled Ben Wa Balls?

Using remote-controlled Ben Wa balls is very easy. The first and most important thing to get the most out of your remote-controlled Ben Wa balls is to use water-based lubricant. Don't hold back, use it generously, and enjoy unparalleled pleasure. Next, turn on your remote-controlled Ben Wa balls and explore all the different vibration patterns until you find your favorite. Additionally, for all remote-controlled Ben Wa balls with rotation, you can start by inserting the rotating ball and let the vibrating ball stimulate the external parts of your vagina, and then insert them completely to experience unparalleled pleasure.

In the bathtub or shower, these remote-controlled Ben Wa balls are fully submersible toys, and you can enjoy them underwater without any risk. Sounds good, right? So don't wait any longer and dare to try all the possibilities offered by remote-controlled Ben Wa balls, brought to you by EroticFeel.

Features of Remote-Controlled Ben Wa Balls

One of the main features of remote-controlled Ben Wa balls is that, unlike classic ones, they come with a remote controller that allows you, as well as your partner, to have complete control of your orgasms anywhere you dare to use them. They have an approximate range of about 12 meters in general and offer a variety of vibration patterns. If one of your concerns is getting caught using remote-controlled Ben Wa balls, know that their compact size and silent vibrations work in your favor, so don't be shy and let yourself be carried away by your naughtiest desires.

On the other hand, remote-controlled Ben Wa balls are made of high-quality, biocompatible silicone that is completely hypoallergenic. Moreover, they are rechargeable and submersible up to one meter deep. The approximate time for a full charge is about 2 hours, and they have a runtime of 1.5 hours, more than enough time to give you shivers on multiple occasions. Finally, remember that remote-controlled Ben Wa balls are compatible only with water-based lubricant, and you can clean them with any specific cleaner and/or neutral soap.


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