Water-based Lubricant

Water-based lube is undoubtedly the most popular type of lubricant. It's not only ideal to use with condoms, but it's also compatible with all materials in sex toys. What's more, it's easily absorbed by the skin and a piece of cake to clean up. Take a look at the wide variety of water-based lube available at EroticFeel!

By now, you'll certainly have heard of water-soluble or water-based lubricant. It’s the most well known, most natural and most widely-used type of lube. It's also the best choice for dry and irritated skin. If you’re looking for a product that hydrates, lubricates and protects your skin at the same time — water-based lube is for you. Compared to other kinds of lubricant, it’s less sticky, it’s absorbed more easily and its easier to remove. However, it's not as long-lasting as silicone-based lube. Our advice? If you find it's drying up, spread a little bit more on that particular area and you're good to go!

Water-based lubricant is compatible with latex condoms and all sex toys. If you're going to choose a silicone one, make sure you can use it with latex condoms and never use it with silicone toys so you don't damage them.

And finally — vegans, animal lovers and environmentalists will be pleased to hear that there are many new products that have been specially developed for them. Pay attention.

The best water-based lube at EroticFeel

  • Tenga Egg Lotion

    The Japanese company has launched this original water-based lubricant in an egg shaped package — just like their famous Tenga Eggs. It's suitable for all kinds of sex toys and doesn't damage or stain the materials. It's perfect for any situation where you need extra water-based lubrication.

  • Tenga Hole Lotion - Real

    What's so special about this lube? Its unique ability to create a powerful feeling of warmth — evoking real sexual encounters. But remember — the Japanese brand does not recommend using this lubricant during sex. It's specially designed to enjoy in the company of your Tenga masturbator.

  • Tenga Hole Lotion - Mild

    Tenga puts as much love and care into making its masturbators as it does into making the lubricants that enhance the experience. As proof of this, we’d like to present Tenga Hole Lotion - Mild. With its novel texture, it provides a soft, silky and pleasant feel. It's specifically designed to be used with all Tenga toys. The brand doesn't recommend using it for sexual relations.

  • Tenga Hole Lotion - Solid

    Tenga has designed the Tenga Hole Lotion Solid for those who want stronger and more powerful sensations. It's the perfect accompaniment to the brand's most hardcore masturbators. Its formula has been carefully developed so that you can feel all the rough edges of your Tenga masturbator and enjoy its intense stimulation to the maximum. Its thicker texture is the perfect complement to the rough internal structures and pronounced contours of these masturbators. It'll make the whole masturbation experience even more satisfying.

  • Tenga Hole Lotion - Wild

    This menthol-infused lube will be the perfect complement to a fresh and wild masturbation session. If you're looking for new sensations, start here.

  • Durex Play Original

    This is a classic lubricant from Durex. It's water-based, light and soft, and suitable for oral, vaginal and anal sex. It can also be enjoyed with adult toys. Whether alone or in company, it intensifies the pleasure of all sexual experiences.

  • Durex Play Warming

    Durex Play Warming lube contains a special ingredient that warms up on contact with your skin. If you want to make the experience even more pleasurable, blow gently where you’ve applied it. You’ll want it to last forever! As it’s a water-based solution, it's suitable for anal, vaginal and oral sex.

  • Durex Play Cherry

    Give some flavour to your sexual encounters with this cherry-flavoured lubricant from Durex. You can use this water-based lube wherever and whenever you desire. It's compatible with any kind of condom or sex toy.

  • Durex Play Strawberry

    If you’re more into strawberries than cherries, this lubricant will drive you wild. It’s sugar-free so you can use as much as you like, wherever you like for super-delicious foreplay and sex. Suitable for use with all condoms and adult toys.

  • Durex Play Tingle

    This cooling lube will deliver incredible tingling sensations. Its water-based formula means you can use this lube with any latex condom and discover new dimensions of tingly fresh pleasure and silky smoothness.

  • Durex Play Aloe Vera

    Introducing a water-based lubricating gel enriched with aloe vera that cares for and hydrates your skin. It is odourless, colourless and non-greasy, so it's ideal for daily use.

  • Pjur Aqua

    This premium water-based lubricant is absorbed by your skin, leaving it smooth, soft and nourished. High skin and mucous membrane tolerance. It is not sticky or greasy and is suitable to use with all latex condoms.

  • Pjur Woman Aqua

    This is a lube developed for sensitive female skin. It nourishes and moisturises with its high-quality ingredients.

  • Pjur Woman Nude

    This is another water-based lubricant that's specially designed for delicate female skin. It’s preservative, paraben and glycerine free.

  • Pjur Basic Water Based

    It's the ideal lubricant for you to get started in the world of water-based gels. Suitable for use during sex and with sex toys, this high-quality product offers great value for money.

  • Pjur Woman Aloe

    A hydrating water-based lubricant with aloe vera that's tailored to the skin's natural pH. It doesn't contain parabens or paraffins.

  • Pjur Woman Vegan

    Feel 100% sustainable pleasure with this new vegan lubricant from Pjur. This water-based lubricant will hydrate and nourish your skin with its top-quality natural ingredients. It's pH balanced, not tested on animals and contains no artificial colours or fragrances. Its perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

What type of lubricant is the best?

That totally depends on you. All the lube we sell at EroticFeel has passed rigorous quality-control tests and are produced by the most prestigious companies in the industry.. Now it's your turn to try them out and discover which one suits you best.

Is there an ideal water-based lubricant for certain occasions?

Let's see — there's such a wide range of water-based lubricants or gels available that you can easily choose a different one for any given occasion. You have flavoured lube from Durex to spice up oral sex (strawberry or cherry?). If you have sensitive skin, you can opt for an aloe vera lubricant that's paraben-free; and if you're environmentally conscious, we have a vegan option especially for you.. As you can see, there’s at least one type of lube for everyone out there. Now, search for yours!


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