Lelo Charger

You've had a bad day, it's okay, not everyone can be perfect, but everyone can end well. You've been waiting for hours for the moment to get home, do you recognize that feeling of spending the afternoon knowing that a delicious dinner awaits you at the end of the day? Some have pizza waiting for them, others have their dog, and for you, a magnificent Lelo awaits that will relieve the tensions of the day so you can sleep with a smile. Everything is under control, isn't it? You don't need to be very clever to know that chargers can break, but just today... Don't think you've been jinxed and always keep a spare charger handy.

It can break, get lost, or be forgotten when you travel, the chances of a simple cable spoiling your orgasm are high. Don't take the risk and remember, the brand advises always using official chargers. Avoid imitations and incompatible cables that could damage the product.



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