You've heard about it, a good friend (you know, the kind who understands that sharing is caring) mentioned it, and even though you've been told endlessly about the benefits of clitoral suction devices, you know that Sona is more; it's luxury and sophistication, the most intense pleasure, pure fantasy. Lelo always delivers quality; the Swedish brand focuses on premium materials and products, paying attention to every detail. Granted, it's not for everyone; it's only for you or those like you who always want the best. Here you'll find all the existing Sona Lelo models up to now, and yes, there's more than one (the choice is tough).


First came Lelo Sona, a toy that revolutionized the market and achieved unprecedented sales. A sonic clitoral suction device that stimulates your clitoris 75% more than other similar products in the market. Rechargeable, quiet, with eight pleasure modes ranging from gentle caresses to intense pulses, it's also fully waterproof. As you can see, a gem hard to surpass.

But Lelo always innovates, and that's when Sona 2 came, with a larger and deeper opening and the texture of its premium, biocompatible, and ultra-soft silicone. 12 different stimulation levels and a mouth that completely surrounds your clitoris, that's what this Sona 2.0 offers you. However, the creative minds at Lelo noticed something; during moments of maximum excitement, users tend to press the toy against their body, causing the intensity to drop. But is it inevitable? Not with the Sona Cruise, equipped with a technology that automatically increases power when you need it most, ensuring that intensity and pleasure never fade away.

Could there be something even more sophisticated? Indeed, the Lelo Sona Cruise 2. More powerful, with premium silicone, a deeper opening, and an intensity that accompanies you, without diminishing, until the end of your journey.

We can't add much more; compare if you want, but Lelo Sona always comes out on top, and you can find them all here.

Why buy a LELO Sona?

Because it's luxury, elegance, quality, effectiveness, power... we could go on like this for several more lines, but we don't want you to spend half an hour reading adjectives. Let's get straight to the point: LELO Sona is simply the best. It's as simple and clear as that; understood, right? And if you're looking for the best clitoral suction device, LELO Sona is for you. Seriously, believe us when we say you won't regret it; it will be the best purchase of the month. Besides, being made with top-quality materials, a LELO Sona will last you a lifetime, just make sure to take care of it as it deserves.

In this EroticFeel section, you'll find all the LELO Sona clitoral suction devices in the market, from the first one that appeared to the latest and most innovative they've released. All of them follow the same concept: luxury, quality, and continuous improvement, because the more we learn about masturbation, the more new needs arise, and that's what LELO Sona does with this range, constantly satisfying each new need that arises over time, always improving its flagship product.

Your new lover has a name and a surname – LELO Sona! Sona, for short.


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