Erotic Make-up

Often, by simply putting on some red lipstick you see yourself in a different way — more beautiful, sexier and more confident. Your make-up can increase sexual appetite (starting with yours), and yes — it can become a very powerful aphrodisiac. Now, there's also erotic edible, tingling or warming make-up. So, what are you waiting for?

Figures show that sales of red lipstick soar in times of crisis. Do you know why? Now, the following scene will probably be very familiar. You wake up on the wrong side of bed — you're not exactly having one of those days when you get up able to take on the world. On the contrary, you don't know what to wear because everything you see in the wardrobe seems like a bad idea. You look in the mirror and see a pale face with dark circles under your eyes staring back. You know — first-world problems. But still problems nonetheless!

Where's the harm in a little help? Often, by simply putting on some red lipstick you feel more beautiful, sexier and more confident — and that's the image you project. Your make-up can increase sexual appetite (starting with yours), and yes — it can become a very powerful aphrodisiac. Nowadays, erotic cosmetic brands don't just offer you make-up.They offer sensual and fun, edible, tingling and warming effect make-up. We don't know if this is the future, but we're sure that Marty McFly would be amazed!

Buy erotic make-up at EroticFeel

You'll find everything from romantic candles that melt into exquisite massage oils, to edible powders that you can eat off your partner's body. However, this category is perhaps the most surprising. Well, here you have it. Buy the ultimate in erotic make-up at EroticFeel.

Would you like to try Divine Oral Pleasure by Shunga? This warming effect, stimulating lip gloss will become the perfect companion during the most intoxicating oral games. Apply it to your lips and award your partner with powerful orgasms. It's entirely compatible with latex condoms, edible, made with organic products, sugar-free and 100% vegan. It increases sensitivity in your genital area and opens you up to new and exciting sensations.

Choose sexy make-up for your romantic evenings

When in doubt, bet everything on red — blood red, passionate red, alluring red. Enhance your lips and your look (but don't go overboard — the Joker isn't a good example to follow!). Give depth to your look by getting the perfect smoky eyes with black or metallic tones. Make your eyes look bigger with fine eye-liner and long, striking eyelashes. Now for the most important thing — attitude and confidence. Cosmetics are fine but not essential. Whether you're made-up or not — you're worth it. You've got a big night ahead of you.


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