Maze by Bijoux Indiscrets

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There are straps, handcuffs, bracelets that give you wings. It's difficult to combine strength and dominance with the utmost delicacy, but Bijoux Indiscrets achieves it with their Maze collection, an invitation to unleash our playful side, to illuminate our darkest part. Because if being sexy is a matter of attitude, we will agree that there are things that help (yes, those lucky panties that are so worn out they're almost see-through, and the elastic is so stretched that you can only wear them with stockings have given you great moments, but maybe it's better to relegate them to cozy evenings with a blanket and a movie).

Inspired by bondage, Bijoux offers garters, collars, strap bras, crossed harnesses, dress or multiposition forms, and even belts and whips that could have been designed by the legendary Karl Lagerfeld. Classic lines and colors, and a commitment to the environment that is evident in all their products, 100% vegan.

To seduce and be seduced, to show or to hide, to infuse everyday life with eroticism and dress your body with style. Bondage can be the most exciting and sexy thing in the world, and for proof, there's the Maze collection from Bijoux Indiscrets. Do you dare?


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