Which Mouth Masturbator Should I Choose?

There are countless mouth masturbators on the market, and the choice depends mainly on your preferences regarding shape and size. Grip and different types of handles are also factors to consider. The type of finish, whether metallic or ABS plastic, modifies the toy's ergonomics and makes it more or less manageable. Want hands-free? Then go for a model equipped with a suction cup. Want it to have vibration? Some models come with vibrating bullets or electronic components that will add even more excitement to your masturbation.

Masturbators in the Shape of a Mouth, Do They Vibrate and Suck?

At EroticFeel, we have mouth masturbators that combine rotating, vertical, and vibrating movements. The vibration of these mouth-shaped masturbator models is fully adjustable, allowing you to adjust it according to your preferences or your desire to experiment. They generally have a wide variety of vibration patterns, speeds, and intensities. And we're not done yet, most mouth masturbators offer a strong suction effect, providing you with a very realistic and pleasurable sensation.

What Materials Are Mouth Masturbators Made Of?

The interior of the mouth-shaped masturbators at EroticFeel is made of high-quality flexible silicone or elastomer, which provides a great softness to the touch and perfectly recreates the inside of a mouth. The exterior is usually a rigid plastic or metal casing with the appropriate design to facilitate grip and handling. All materials are waterproof and allow the use of mouth masturbators underwater.


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