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Tenga Air-Tech Regular Masturbator

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Tenga Air-Tech has taken the quest for male pleasure to a whole new level and the Regular model is the benchmark in stimulation for the Japanese company. The internal texture of this masturbator delivers medium-strength stimulation. Each and every nub has been strategically placed to esquisitely massage your penis.

How do I use the Tenga Regular Air-Tech?

  • First, remove the red and grey protective wrapping.
  • Remove the cap on the masturbator.
  • Once open, you'll find a small container of lubricant inside. Apply it generously to the entry hole and also inside the internal chamber. Remember that its has an insertion length of 15 cm (5.9") and an insertion width of 4.5 cm (1.8").
  • Make sure you remove the sticker covering the hole at the top of the masturbator before inserting your penis. This opening will allow air to flow out of the product and facilitate insertion. What's more, you'll get an amazing feeling of suction when you cover and uncover it with your finger. 

At EroticFeel, we're confident that you'll just love this delightful experience. Now we think it's time to reveal the secret of the Air-Tech Regular. It's reusable! You can dive into a sea of incredibly intense suction sensations as many times as you like. Just remember to wash the product thoroughly after each use.

How are Air-Tech reusable masturbators cleaned?

  • First, remove the sleeve from its polyethylene case.
  • Then, turn it inside out and wash it with neutral soap and cold or tepid water.
  • Wipe off most of the moisture with a towel.
  • To finish drying, turn it back around again. This is important because the sleeve, being made of soft and flexible elastomer, could stretch and lose its original qualities.
  • Check that the inside is totally dry before you put it back into the case. When inserting, don't force it in. Twist the case as you insert the sleeve.

Many men of all ages and backgrounds have already tried the Air-Tech Regular. They all agree that this is a truly extraordinary product. Do you dare to find out for yourself?

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