Male Masturbators

Every one of us is unique, and that's something that manufacturers of male masturbators take very seriously. Some men enjoy authentic sensations, like those felt during real life sexual experiences. Others are passionate about receiving the strongest possible stimulation. Some seek their stimulation through vibration or heat, and others opt for toys with a suction effect. Whatever your tastes, we're sure you'll find the perfect masturbator for you at EroticFeel. Enjoy our men's adult toys section — where you can buy all kinds of top-quality male masturbators.

Oh, the pleasure! We're tireless in our search for it — so let us do you a favour. At the EroticFeel sex shop, we've gathered together the best male masturbators in one section. Now,you can select the kind of experience you want.. But try not to get overwhelmed by the options. Suction, vibration, heat, blowjob sensations... The possibilities are endless. Give your hand a rest, and get ready for a fantastic journey to discover the most powerful climaxes. By the way, it's an adventure you can also have as a couple. Ready?

Masturbators for men

  • Satisfyer Men One

    After revolutionizing the world of female masturbation with their clitoral suction devices, Satisfyer couldn't forget about the guys. And they haven't. The Satisfyer Men One masturbator has quickly become one of the German brand's leading stars. And it's not for nothing. Thanks to its innovative pressure regulation system with its air pump function, you can control the tightness and contractions of the Satisfyer Men One. The result is an incredible feeling of oral and vaginal sex for you to indulge in. Let's clear up your doubts: It adapts to all penis sizes.

  • Satisfyer Men Vibration

    Did you think vibration was just for the ladies? The Satisfyer Men Vibration has 14 different vibration settings. It has two super powerful motors, an ergonomic design, fitting comfortably in your hand. The excellent quality of the silicone provides you with a very realistic feeling, and it's also waterproof. Do you fancy a relaxing shower?

  • Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration

    OK, just when we thought the Satisfyer Men Vibration was unbeatable, this one comes out. Sublime! Vibration and heating effect! So, this masturbator with 70 different vibration settings emulates a real encounter with another person. It incorporates a suction function that practically transforms it into a blowjob simulator. What more can you ask for?

  • Tenga Air-Tech

    Are you looking for sensations that only a Tenga can provide, and do you want your favourite toy to be more long-lasting? Well, Tenga Air-Tech is for you. Its different versions have a remarkable Air Flow structure. This allows air to escape during insertion, creating a vacuum effect that will take you to heaven. If you want to get started, begin with the Air-Tech Regular before moving on to the Air-Tech Strong (if you like powerful stimulation).

    The volume of the Air-Tech Ultra masturbator is 1.2 times larger than the standard Air-Tech design. Although it's also made of soft elastomer and has a polyethylene casing, the Ultra has a slightly different sleeve texture or internal chamber to the rest. Featuring significantly more pronounced bumps and grooves, it provides a more dynamic feel during use.

    If you want to adjust the pressure and tightness of your sex toy, maybe the Air-Tech Twist is your best option. You can twist it up to 5 times, and each turn adds more pressure to your penis. You’ll have 5 sex toys in 1!

    For those that want the most intense pleasure in the most natural way, Tenga has created Air-Tech Gentle. Its smooth undulating interior will stimulate you gently and sensually massage your glans.

    Are you seeking a manual suction effect (just cover and uncover the hole to change the intensity), or do you prefer to save yourself the trouble? Well, in both cases, the Tenga Air-Tech VC could be for you. This model is compatible with the Vaccum Controller suction device. Place it over your masturbator and forget about your worries.

  • Tenga Flip

    What is the Tenga Flip? A man's masturbator with a unique ‘flip open’ design for easy cleaning. Like with every series, Tenga has designed several different models and we have them all.

    At EroticFeel, you’ll find the Tenga Flip Zero, Tenga Flip Zero Black, Tenga Flip Zero Electronic Vibration, Tenga Flip Zero Electronic Vibration Black, Tenga Flip Hole White, Tenga Flip Hole Red, Tenga Flip Hole Black, Tenga Flip Hole Silver, Tenga Flip Orb Blue Rush y Tenga Flip Orb Orange Crash.

    All of the Tenga Flip range are reusable; and remember, if you're into strong textures, go for the black ones.These are specially designed for the roughest masturbation games.

  • Tenga Cup

    Finally, we've got to Tenga's most classic range of masturbators. The Original Vacuum Cup, also called ‘Deep Throat’, was the first masturbator from the brand — although it’s not obsolete by any means. Equipped with an insertion mechanism, its texture is based around an infinite number of knots and waves. Like all the Original Cups, apart from the double which has two uses, the interior of the Tenga Vacuum Cup is made of polyurethane foam. This ensures that the lubricant is retained and spread evenly when you insert your penis. This means that no matter how much you try to extend its life span by using a condom or ejaculating on the outside, the lubricant will already have spread throughout the toy, degrading the material for future use. So don't complicate things, lift the lid, insert your penis, and enjoy!

    The Soft Tube Cup allows you to regulate the pressure once you’ve started. It looks completely innocent — like a tube of gel — but it allows you to press, loosen, massage, and stroke to your heart's desire. Are you looking for 360 degree sensations? Well, here you have it. It's called the Rolling Head Cup. What makes this Cup different to the rest is its flexible body that you can manoeuvre any way you wish. Move it forward, back, sideways, turns it — sounds good, doesn’t it?

    As we already mentioned, the Double Hole Cup is the only one from the original five Cups that has two different uses. How so? Because it's equipped with two completely separate holes that provide two distinct sensations. Now, do you fancy something sweet or something savoury? Well, just turn the masturbator to choose. Finally, Tenga brings us the Air Cushion Cup — the world's first masturbator with an air-cushion design and 24 internal chambers

    Tenga are a company with a strong commitment to sexual health and believe in everyone's right to live freely without oppression or shame. For these reasons, they have launched a special edition Tenga Cup for the last three years for LGTBI Pride.

  • Tenga Spinner 01 Tetra

    Like a Tenga Egg, but reusable The Tenga Spinner 01 Tetra has plates with smooth edges in its interior for the most pleasant masturbation experience. Made with elastomer, it adapts to any penis type, reaching an insertion depth of 17 centimetres and a width of 5 centimetres. This is the model with the biggest diameter.

  • Tenga Spinner 02 Hexa

    This is designed around an internal spiral system that turns when your penis is inside. With a smaller diameter and an internal structure made up of hexagonal plates with pointed edges, you are guaranteed extra roughness. Sounds good, doesn't it?

  • Tenga Spinner 03 Shell

    With the same spiral effect as the Spinner 02 Hexa, but with a more rigid texture and a tighter feel for maximum stimulation.

  • Satisfyer Men Wand

    Satisfyer's latest innovation in male pleasure comes with two flexible wings that surround your penis when you thrust up and down. It also has 10 vibration settings combined with 5 different intensities.

Mechanical male masturbator

Mechanical male masturbators are those with no batteries or motors. Many of the male masturbators from Tenga, like the masturbation eggs, the Tenga Cup or the Tenga Air-Tech are in this category.

Automatic male masturbator

We would place all battery-powered masturbators with motors in this category. For example, all those that have a vibration function like the Satisfyer Men Vibration, the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration or the Satisfyer Men Wand.

Which is the best male masturbator?

Now you've seen that there's such a wide variety, you that it would be impossible to just choose one. Different sensations for different occasions. Could you choose?


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