Tenga Soft Tube Cup Cool Edition Masturbator

Tenga Soft Tube Cup Cool Edition Masturbator

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Do you remember the Soft Tube Cup by Tenga? How could you forget! It's one of the most original and pleasurable sex toys from the Japanese company. That's saying a lot, especially considering that Tenga are true masters of design when it comes to producing masturbators that provide the most overwhelming stimulation. Well, hold on tight because we are going to introduce you to the Tenga Soft Cup Cool Edition. Its secret? It includes a menthol-infused lubricant that delivers a cool, calming sensation when you insert your penis. A luxurious experience that will push your pleasure to the limit. What's more, it's perfect for men who want to do exercises in order to control their ejaculation. How? Keep reading.

Thanks to its case, made of malleable polyethylene, you'll be able to control the stimulation by regulating the pressure you wish to exert at any given moment. The best surprise hides inside your Tenga Cool Cup. Made of elastomer, you'll enjoy a texture made up of countless nodules and waves that will lead you to the most exquisite orgasm.

How do you use the Tenga Soft Cup Cool Edition masturbator?

Using the Tenga Soft Cup Cool Edition couldn't be easier. This masturbator is totally manually controlled and is equipped with the classic 'Smooth Pad' insertion mechanism found in all Tenga Cups. It ensures smooth and pleasant penetration, and at the same time, retains and distributes the lubricant when the penis is inserted.

Before you begin, peel off the sticker on the top of the toy in order to control the suction — cover and uncover this hole with your finger. Now, make the most of the flexible case — squeeze and release it while enjoying the vacuum effect by plugging and unplugging the top hole with a finger. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Main features of the Tenga Soft Cup Cool Edition:

  • A manual masturbator that comes with a menthol lubricant for a cooling and calming effect.
  • Medical-grade elastomer interior, hypoallergenic and incredibly stretchy.
  • Extra soft to the touch.
  • Comes with a lubricant that will be distributed throughout the inside of the masturbator as soon as you insert your penis.
  • Perfect for practising ejaculation control in a very pleasurable way.
  • Easy to use and with an easy-to-grip design, you control the pressure you desire at every moment.
  • Inner texture made up of inverted nubs that will bring you to climax.

Remember that Tenga Cups are not reusable. Neither the use of a condom nor trying to ejaculate outside will prevent the material from degrading once the lubricant has been dispersed. That's why it's best to forget the condom and enjoy the experience to the maximum.

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