Women's intimate area requires special care. Pjur, the prestigious and renowned German brand of lubricants, knows this, and that's why they have lotions, sprays, and gels with a specific formulation to combat vaginal dryness, caring, moisturizing, and protecting the female mucous membranes. Choosing Pjur Woman lubricants is always a guarantee of quality. Here, you can find, compare, and buy the Pjur Woman that best suits your body and your needs. The range is wide, but any choice will be a success.

If you are looking for the qualities of Pjur Original but adapted to the pH of female skin, the brand has launched Pjur Original Woman, without preservatives or perfume, leaving a silky and delicate feeling on the skin. Prefer a water-based option? No problem, you can choose between Pjur Woman Aqua, Pjur Woman Aloe, Pjur Woman Nude, or Pjur Woman Vegan. Looking for new sensations? Try Pjur Myglide, enriched with ginseng, it provides a pleasant feeling of warmth and tingling that will instantly increase your sexual desire. If your skin is especially delicate or dry, the Pjur Med range, with its natural lubricants, soft and very respectful of female skin, may be the solution you were looking for.

All Pjur Woman lubricants are neutral, meaning they have no taste or aroma, and are completely suitable for use with latex condoms. Take care of your intimate area with Pjur Woman.


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