Get your Satisfyer Balls here and train for your own pleasure marathon, do you already know what these Satisfyer Chinese balls can do for you? The list of benefits is endless. They increase your sexual desire, your natural lubrication, accentuate your vaginal sensitivity, lengthen and intensify your orgasms (which can last from the usual four or five seconds up to 15 seconds!), prevent urinary incontinence, and ease menopause symptoms. If you take care to stay in shape, do it right! Now you know what a toned pelvic floor implies.

The Satisfyer Balls are practically magical balls. Three training kits with three balls each to help you achieve your goal. Fifteen minutes daily will be enough to start noticing their effects. Can you imagine the power you will have by contracting and releasing your vaginal muscles at will? You will be a goddess.

If you are a beginner, start with the individual Satisfyer Balls. A set of three balls of different weights so you can start with the lightest one and gradually increase the weight and usage time.

Both the individual Satisfyer Balls and the double and double balls with vibration are inserted and removed with the same ease as putting on and taking off a tampon thanks to their retrieval loop.

Keep your libido in shape and go after incredible orgasms with these three sets for progressive training. And want to know a secret? The vibrators have an oscillating metal core inside that gives you a fantastic tickling sensation while you move. Wonderful. Which one do you want to start with?

Do you have any questions about Satisfyer Balls?

Buy your Satisfyer Balls here and train for your own marathon of pleasure. Three training kits with three balls each to make your goal of becoming a goddess easier.

At your Online  Sex Shop EroticFeel, we take special care of the packaging to ensure that the experience is a pleasurable one starting from the moment you receive your product. It will be securely and carefully wrapped in accordance with our firm policy of total discretion. Your order will arrive in a completely neutral box — with no logos or text that could be used to identify either our shop or the product inside. Neither the transport company, nor the postman, nor your neighbour will be able to tell what’s inside the parcel or where it came from.


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