Satisfyer Pro 2 Charger

Who hasn't had their mobile charger break or arrived at a hotel only to realize they hadn't packed it? Well, the same thing happens with your Satisfyer Pro 2; if you don't charge it, it won't work. Drama. And now? Well, girl, the easiest thing is to have a second charger and always carry it in your purse or suitcase because securing orgasms is much more important than a retirement plan.

Furthermore, we have more great news for you: this magnetic charger not only works for your Satisfyer Pro 2, but you can also use it with the Pro 2 Vibration, Pro Traveler, Pro Plus Vibration, Pro G-Spot Rabbit, Pro Penguin, Pro 4 Couple, Pro Deluxe, Partner Whale, Partner Plus, Double Classic, Partner Plus Remote, Partner Multifun 1 and 2, Satisfyer Men Vibration, Pro 3, Satisfyer Vives Mr Rabbit, Vibes Charming Smile, Vibes Master, Vibes Yummy Sunshine, Vibes Magic Bunny, Vibes Power Flower, Vibes Petting Hippo, Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration, and the Satisfyer Luxury models.


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