Secret Play

To recover desire we have to kill reason; eroticism is joy, imagination and a lot of play. Pay very close attention because this Spanish brand, with its intimate gels, BDSM accessories and erotic couple games, will be the perfect choice to make all your nights truly unforgettable ones.

Even a pauper isn't as poor if he has two hands and knows how to use them. The joy of life comes, literally, from within. Daily obligations, schedules, mortgages, overtime and all the other wonders of the modern world do indeed destroy desire. A lack of libido is filling therapy practices. Every time someone says, 'I just don't feel like it', a kitten dies. Now, there are so many of them that the archaeologists of the future will only be collecting feline bones. To recover desire, you have to kill reason; eroticism is joy, imagination and a lot of play. The kind of play in which there are no losers and both participants let out screams of victory and fall exhausted (but never defeated). Like watching the sun rise after the best night out of your life. And so and so all your nights are unforgettable ones, you won't find a better companion than Secret Play.

With more than a decade’s worth of experience in the industry, this Spanish brand has a slogan: ‘Make love and have fun’. Created in Valencia in 2006, it has established itself as a leader not only at the national level, but also in countries such as Portugal and France, where it has enjoyed strong sales. "Our mission is to offer exciting and daring intimate experiences to a free, sensual and modern public; one that does not hesitate to enjoy the pleasures of life naturally, without taboos or prejudices," they say. That's why they focus on erotic games, creams and lubricants with amazing effects. They offer bondage accessories to make your fantasies come true and all the toys required to go one step further in your romantic encounters.

Because remember this — if you don't feel like it or don't like it, maybe you're not doing it right. There's a wealth of eroticism beyond the purely genital and the best way to see for yourself is to browse Secret Play's extensive catalogue.

The best erotic cosmetics from Secret Play

It would be a tall order to go into detail about all the cosmetics that Secret Play has created, so let us introduce you to our favourites. And, this is where Secret Play Liquid Vibrator take pride of place. This series of intimate gels will, pardon the street slang, 'get your freak on'. Formulated with water-based and natural ingredients, each gel generates an exciting tingling sensation on your erogenous zones and makes your skin more receptive to strokes and licks. In fact, these vibrating gels have been so popular that you can also find them with a cooling effect, a warming effect and with an even stronger effect — for those who don't go in for half measures! The best thing we've ever tried since chocolate-filled marshmallows.

And now, brace yourself because if, like us, you go crazy every time you enter a sweet shop and you’d love to drown yourself in the Umpa Lumpas’ river of chocolate, then Sweet Love lubes will be the perfect way to combine your two passions — sex and sweets. With white chocolate, caramel toffee, chocolate and hazelnut, and mango and pineapple flavours, you're in for a real treat.

Have you heard of Brazilian balls? Well, if you have — congratulations! We thought we knew everything, but we've been truly humbled by these erotic marvels! These spheres filled with lubricant are brought to EroticFeel by Secret Play to melt inside you — unleashing an explosion of moisture and delicious aromas. A sumptuously sensual experience.

Delve into BDSM

Secret Play opens the doors to a fascinating world of alternative excitement. Whips, restraints, feather ticklers, gags, whips... All the accessories you need to stimulate your senses and surrender to or dominate your partner. And the best thing? Their complete sets for a spectacular session. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned expert in the field, here — you'll find all the gear required to fulfil every one of your BDSM fantasies. Switch roles, surrender to desire and discover how far you can go. Do you dare?

Erotic games to whet your appetite

Dice games, card games, board games... As we all knew as children, Secret Play believe that to have fun, you have to play. That's why they've designed a whole range of sex games to help you escape the routine, reconnect with your partner, get closer than ever and enjoy yourself like you did at the very beginning when you couldn't stop touching each other. There are challenges that’ll help you discover that sex goes far beyond penetration such as the ‘30 Day Foreplay Challenge’ or the ‘30 Day Bondage Challenge’ Activities that really ought to be recommended by the NHS. Plus, we promise you'll learn some things you weren't expecting.

Do you want more? Sophisticated anal plugs, gin and tonic, beer or sangria flavoured lubricants; edible, vegan-friendly lip gloss with vibration effect for luxurious oral sex; body lotions for silky-smooth skin; female lubricants with an astringent effect for feelings of greater tightness during penetration; clima delay gels... as we already mentioned, Secret Play's catalogue is infinite — just like your pleasure when you try it.


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