If you think of a simple massage gel or a regular bath gel, the most likely thing that comes to mind are ordinary, almost insignificant items. That's why Shunga is not the best intimate cosmetics brand by chance; it has earned the top spot not only by using premium ingredients to create luxury products but also by turning a simple lotion into something magical. Don't believe us? Well, pay attention.

Imagine a gel that provokes the same tingling, the same feeling of contrast, of heat and cold, in the clitoris and in the glans area of the penis. Think of a hot bath filled with foam, a gel with flavors like cherries, mint, or exotic fruits. So far, what has stopped you from following your instincts and giving it a lick? Indeed, the fear of possible stomach upset. With Shunga's edible gels (yes, edible), your morning shower will have a more exciting taste.

In this section, you will find all the gels from Shunga. Let your imagination run a little wild; you don't have to limit yourself to the same old thing. Do you dare?


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