LELO Luna Beads Mini

LELO Luna Beads Mini Kegel Balls

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The most exquisite Kegel balls on the market are mini and are made by LELO. The Swedish luxury brand, world leaders in the world of sexual wellness products, have produced something that's simply irresistible once again. LELO Luna Beads Mini live up to the company's sky-high standards and will help you mix pleasure and exercise. Unlike Luna Beads Classic, these have a diameter of 29 millimetres (six millimetres less than the Classic). Perfect for women under 30 who have never given birth, these internationally acclaimed and award-winning balls will help you achieve the best and most intense orgasms of your life. Simply marvellous!

Why are LELO Luna Beads Mini Ben Wa balls suitable for me?

  • They’re comfortable and easy to use.
  • The package includes four 29mm diameter balls of different weights (two 38g and two 37g) for you to use to create your perfect workout.
  • They're made of high quality silicone that’s 100% body-safe.
  • LELO Luna Beads contain another smaller ball inside that vibrates with the movements of your body.
  • Use them easily while walking or exercising.
  • They're the most famous and best-selling Kegel balls in the world.

What are the benefits of using Ben Wa balls?

  • They strengthen your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.
  • Enhance the natural lubrication of your vagina.
  • Your orgasms will be more intense and they'll last longer — from an average duration of 4 or 5 seconds to 15 seconds!
  • They prevent urine leaks.
  • They help ease the symptoms of the menopause.
  • By using them regularly, you'll learn to contract your muscles whenever you feel like it — allowing you and your partner to enjoy increased pleasure during sex.

Perfect for your Kegel exercises, these balls will change your life. If you're a beginner, start with a single ball and increase the weight little by little. Once you get used to it, swap and combine the balls to create a personalised exercise plan. 15 minutes a day will be enough to feel the benefits.

Are you looking for a real orgasm machine? Here you have it.

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