Vibrating Kegel Balls

Did you know that conventional Kegel balls actually vibrate? However, designers have managed to create a toy that has more intense vibrations than those produced by the mere clashing of spheres. This new concept of vaginal balls will help you with your pelvic floor exercises by ensuring that your muscles are activated more quickly. Your just have to choose the weight that suits you and...train! Enter now to browse our catalogue of vibrating Kegel balls!

What are vibrating Kegel or Ben Wa balls?

Do you want toned pelvic floor muscles without getting off the sofa? Although it may seem like a line from a late-night informercial, it is actually possible. Or would you like to enjoy a pleasant vibrating effect while you move? The first thing you need to know is that there are different types of Kegel balls and at EroticFeel, we have them all. There are Kegel devices that you just have to turn on and insert like the Lelo Luna Smart Bead, whose touch sensor technology responds to your squeezes and virtually does the work for you. There are aso balls like the Satisfyer Power Balls with vibration that have an oscillating metal core that shake with each one of your movements.

Do you want to strengthen your pelvic floor in the most comfortable and pleasurable way? Vibrating Kegel balls have arrived and they’ll blow away all your preconceptions. There is absolutely no doubt about the therapeutic qualities of Kegel balls.or Ben Wa balls (as they're otherwise known) . These spheres are also known as Geisha balls because of their popularity among these young Japanese women who’ve always used them to keep their pelvic floor muscles tight and strong. They are placed in the vagina and behind the pubococcygeus muscles, in the spot where you put your tampon. Their virtues have been more than proven for centuries. They seem to have been invented in ancient feudal Japan to keep the lustful emperor happy. He liked the vaginal muscles of his many concubines to be strong and tight so that he could always gain maximum pleasure.

But we'd just like to remind you of what these ancient traditional balls can do for you. Did you know that they improve the natural lubrication of your vagina? Well, not only that, they also prevent leakage — easing the annoying symptoms of the menopause. They also increase sexual desire, heighten the intensity and duration of your orgasms (which can go from 4 or 5 seconds up to 15!), and they even help to boost your mood. Of course, your partner will also notice. Your muscles will be so toned that you will be able to contract them whenever you like during penetration, providing him with an incredible feeling of tightness. What's more (yes, there's more!), gynaecologists recommend them to women after giving birth to ensure that the vaginal muscles regain their tone.

How are vibrating Kegel balls used?

The first thing you need to know is that they're not painful or uncomfortable. Vibrating Ben Wa balls are used in exactly the same way as traditonal Ben Wa balls. You must begin training with the smallest spheres and always use a water-based lubricant to facilitate their insertion. As well as being great for your overall health, they're also a whole lot of fun. Their vibrations will stimulate the inside of your vagina and provide you with very pleasurable sensations.

Some vibrating Kegel balls also have a remote control so that you can regulate the intensity of the vibration. Just 15 minutes a day will be enough for you to start noticing their effects.

Who can use vibrating Kegel balls?

Ben Wa balls or Kegel balls don't have any side effects nor age limit. They're designed for every woman that wants to improve her health and her sexual performance They give you more control over your muscles and your body in all situations.

How many different types of vibrating Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls are there?

There are as many types of models, sizes and colours of vibrating Kegel balls as there are traditional ones. Some of the best if you're a beginner are the Satisfyer Power Balls with vibration. These Kegel balls with an oscillating metal core will provide you with a pleasant vibrating effect while you move. Are you up for trying them?


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