Durex Play Warming

Durex Play Warming Lubricant

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It's clear that Durex Play Warming lube arouses the passion. "By far the best lubricant available", "great flavour and top-quality" or "I've been buying it since it came out, stimulating and long-lasting", are just some of the opinions expressed by users on the Durex website. And it cannot be said that dissatisfied customers are very kind to brands on the internet. This water-based lubricant is one of Durex's star products and that's quite an achievement with Durex being the world's number 1 condom brand.

Its secret? A special ingredient that warms up on contact with your skin, producing pleasant and exciting sensations. Here's our recommendation: blow gently on the area where the product's been applied and the feeling will be intensified. Compatible with any latex condom, it's suitable for vaginal and oral sex. Durex does not recommend the use of warming lubricant for anal sex because some people may experience extremely intense sensations.

Specific characteristics of Durex Play Warming lubricant:

  • Water-based intimate lubricant.
  • Non-sticky formula with a special ingredient that warms up on contact with the body.
  • Exciting warming sensation.
  • Cares for and moisturises your skin.
  • Suitable for vaginal and oral sex.
  • Suitable for use with sex toys.
  • Compatible with all latex condoms.
  • Perfect for him and for her.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • It facilitates penetration and intensifies the feeling of pleasure.
  • It doesn't stain.

How do I use Durex Play Warming lube?

Here, imagination and desire rule. Apply it wherever you like, lick it and swallow it — it's perfectly safe. Of course, you shouldn't eat it by the spoonful. But you can lick it (meaning each other) until you’re completely satisfied. Orgasms are guaranteed! Shall we play?

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