How to stimulate the A-spot? All about the AFE zone

How to stimulate the A-spot? All about the AFE zone
EroticFeel 10/13/2022

As soon as we heard about the anterior fornix we remembered the left philange (only very Friends fans will know what we're talking about). But it turns out that it is not the invented part of an airplane but a part of the vagina, so how much do we really know about our genitals? Because the truth is that we keep discovering new things, points or more or less sensitive areas that have always been there and of which most of us had the same idea as of aeronautical mechanics. The fantastic thing is that ignorance has a cure and the prize, in this case, is not a pass but an overflowing pleasure. Are you ready?

What is Point A and where is it located?

In the 1990s, Malaysian physician Chua Chee Ann made public the results of a study on vaginal dryness. In it, he argued that stimulation of what we now know asspot A or AFE (Anterior Fornix Erotic Zone) greatly increased lubrication and arousal, causing some women to experience orgasms of a much greater intensity than they had ever experienced before.

So what is this point and where is it located? First of all you should know that the debate of doctors and sexology professionals does not focus on the presence of this area, which is indeed proven to exist, but on the effects that stimulating it causes in women. It is not rare, we know that each body is different and reacts in different ways to stimuli. Therefore, what we call point A is the anterior fornix. The fornix (because there is an anterior fornix, a posterior fornix and lateral fornices) is a groove that surrounds the cervix and is located in the deepest part of the vagina. The anterior, which is the one we are interested in here, is the one located in front of the cervix, an indentation between 2 and 2.5 cm deep and about 7 to 7.5 cm away from the entrance of the vagina.

How to differentiate the A-Spot from the G-Spot?

With so many dots and so many letters it is not difficult to get confused, however, the A-spot and the G-spot are completely different, although both are located on the front wall of the vagina. The G, for starters, is not an exact organ or anatomical point, it is rather an area of more sensitive tissues that is characterized by a rough feel and is located much closer to the entrance of the vagina than the A-spot. The A-spot, on the other hand, is located much deeper, in the innermost part of the vagina, and its stimulation causes, among other things, intense and rapid lubrication.

The A-spot, in contrast, is located much deeper, in the innermost part of the vagina, and its stimulation causes, among other things, intense and rapid lubrication.

How to stimulate the Point A?

Although there are infinite things you can do with your bare hands, stimulating the A-spot is not one of them. Unless you have the hands of the Hulk, it's difficult for the size of your fingers to reach it. The best way to stimulate it, alone or as a couple, would be through a toy or penetration. A tip? Don't forget the clitoris. Once you find your A-spot, combine the stimulation of both areas for greater pleasure and multiple orgasms.

Best toys to stimulate the A-spot

The best toys to stimulate the A-spot are those made of soft silicone, of great insertable length and with a small curvature at the end. The Satisfyer A-Mazing 2, specifically designed to reach the A-spot, the Petting Hippo with 16.5 cm insertable, the Picobong Moka with 16 or the Svakom Cici with a ribbed and fully flexible head are some of the most recommended to achieve glory.

Best positions to stimulate the A-spot

There are different postures that help stimulate the A-spot, however, the most recommended by experts to achieve it are:

  • The doggy style position.
  • The woman on her stomach and the man from behind.
  • The woman sitting on the edge of the bed and the sexual partner kneeling in front.
  • Lying on her back and lifting her legs while the man gets on his knees and places the woman's legs over his shoulders.


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