Room for one more? Or three’s a crowd? Tips for having a threesome

Room for one more? Or three’s a crowd? Tips for having a threesome
EroticFeel 2/12/2021

Some people fantasise about having sex in a limousine with tinted windows, others imagine joining the 'mile-high club' (turbulence can be a great help). Some of us even get turned on by the thought of the pizza delivery guy arriving, him slamming down the pizza and ravaging us on the kitchen table-top there and then (a symptom of indulging in too much porn). However, the most recurrent fantasy; the one that comes out on top of all the lists — is the threesome. We’ll have colonised Mars, we’ll be exploring the galaxy in flying cars, and we’ll have teleportation. Nevertheless, when asked if there's something we'd like to try, we’ll still give the same answer — a threesome.  Like fried eggs and chips, and leather jackets — some things never go out of fashion. The question is: Are you ready? Is it a real desire or just a fantasy? Will it be with three strangers or do you want to do it with your partner? Will there be boundaries or rules? Three men, three women, two men and one woman or two women and one man? How should you find and choose the participants?

Three’s a crowd?

If you've considered a threesome, make sure the other two people want you to turn up too. You don't want them to invite you to a party out of mere politeness and have to wait in the corner for someone to ask you to dance (remember poor Ross in 'Friends'). If the idea is to do it with your partner, consent, willingness and mutual trust are absolute necessities. It's important to discuss any fears, doubts or worries you may have beforehand, and to establish the boundaries (e.g. can we kiss the other person?). It should be made clear that if any one of the participants feels uncomfortable, the games must be stopped immediately. Obviously, if either of you are the jealous type, you should steer well clear of any type of sexual sharing. Never agree to something just to please the other person.

How do you find the ideal participant(s)?

As you can't exactly ask the stranger next to you in the supermarket queue; once you're committed to your threesome, it's time to seek out your dance partner(s) in the right places. Not so long ago, it was not uncommon to find such requests or offers in the classified ads in newspapers. Nowadays, you can turn to dating apps or swingers clubs. Some people choose to ask friends. Think carefully about whether you'll feel more comfortable in a sexual context with a stranger, or with someone who's part of your life and who you'll see again at the barbecue on Saturday.

How to have a threesome?

The possibilities are endless (double penetration, penetration with oral sex, use of sex toys), so it's essential to be very clear about the limits — if there are any. Some last tips, divide your attention equally and remember that a threesome, like any other sexual practice — is all about fun and pleasure. Now, when it comes to sex, the more might not always be the merrier. However, if you’re up for it and you follow our tips, they’re might just be room for one more!


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