There's more to life than getting laid. No doubt. You won't find any subtlety or prudishness here. You’ll just find powerful suction, intense vibrations, amazing rotation and incredible realism. Pdx have developed their toys to fulfil your wildest fantasies. Trust us — if your masturbator is a Pdx, you won't need anything else.

Indeed, there's more to life than getting laid. Even the most sexually active of us must admit — the time we dedicate to self-pleasure far exceeds the time devoted to shared pleasure (unless you're Rocco Siffredi of course). Masturbation is always an excellent choice — when you're excited, when you want to start the day off right, when you want to fall asleep or when you're bored. There are a thousand reasons to do it, and more than a thousand reasons why you should do it better. Why don't you nurture something that has given us so much? And that's exactly what Pipedream, the world's largest manufacturer of adult toys, thought when they created their Pdx collection. Here, there's no subtlety, no prudishness, there are no deceitful shapes that try to hide the true nature of the product. Pdx doesn't create masturbators to decorate your shelves or to show your guests. Pdx creates toys to fulfill your wildest desires. Trust us — if your masturbator is a Pdx, you won't need anything else.

What does Pdx offer?

Masturbators equipped with powerful motors to give you a range of vibrations patterns — from the softest caresses to the most intense stimulation. Kits that include cock rings, a masturbator and a prostate stimulator — providing the most complete pleasure experiences. Products that provide a potent vacuum-effect feeling of suction Realistic recreations of vaginas, mouths and anuses — even designs that imitate a throat so you can enjoy the deepest blowjob. Masturbators with rotation, and rotating heads, that envelop your penis. Air-bag tecnology that allow you to experience the most extreme pressure. Toys with a suction cup that sticks to any smooth, flat surface and transforms them into real hands free devices. Double masturbators — even an open-ended one that allows warm water to caress your penis, providing fantastic aquatic stimulation.

Most Pdx male masturbators have internal sleeves made of Fanta Flesh — the brand's star material. Soft, realistic, and textured with ribs, bumps and nubs to increase pleasure with every touch. One of its best qualities is its ability to warm up quickly by adapting to your body temperature.

Masturbadores masculinos fáciles de usar y de limpiar

Using a Pdx is completely intuitive. Many have three or four buttons — an S to activate suction, a V to activate vibration, and an R to release your penis. All toys include three cock rings of varying diameters for free. They'll help you keep your erection for as long as possible and delay your climax — making the pleasure last even longer. Most products also include a free preparation kit with a water-based lubricant, a specific disinfectant for sex toys and regenerating powders to ensure that your Fanta Flesh sleeve is always in pristine condition.

If your masturbator is a Pdx, you won't need anything else

Founded in 1973 as a family business in Ohio, Pipedream has become a full-fledged pleasure empire with stand-alone collections such as King Cock, Icicles and Pdx (successful enough to have earned its own place on the podium). Pdx deserve their success because of their high-performance products, the quality of the materials they use, and the fact that each and every toy does exactly what it promises to do.These are all reasons why Pdx has one of the most solid reputations in the adult toy. You're in the right place if you don't want to miss the target. At EroticFeel, we have an extensive range of Pdx products for all tastes. Just looking at them will make your mouth water.