Satisfyer Curvy

Just when it seemed that Satisfyer had reached the highest heights — they release the Satisfyer Curvy range. It’s the first series of a brand new adult toy collection from this prestigious company. You can control all this product's features from your mobile, computer or tablet through its new application — which is absolutely free! Plus, there's double the magic: suction plus vibration! The future of adult toys is here.

The prestigious German brand Satisfyer became famous for their clitoral suckers — and they've gone and done it again! Just when it seemed that they had reached the summit, they discover new heights of pleasure. The Satisfyer Curvy series is the first in a new collection of erotic toys from the prestigious brand. More quality, more sensations, more technology —the three basic pillars for their new designs. Satisfyer Curvy 1+, Satisfyer Curvy 2+ and Satisfyer Curvy 3+ — in different colours and having slightly different shapes. Choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs. The magic is in their dual function: suction plus vibration.

The Satisfyer Curvy range of suction vibrators, with their amazing pressure waves that stimulate the clitoris without making any contact, represent the new generation of female sex toys. You can even control your Satisfyer Curvy with your mobile, computer or tablet. Create, share and enjoy unique vibrations and rhythmic patterns on its dedicated application.

They're completely waterproof, so that you can enjoy them in the bathtub, in the shower, or in the jacuzzi. Satisfyer Curvy delivers the orgasms of tomorrow. The future of adult toys is here. It's brought to you by Satisfyer — and you can find it at EroticFeel.