Satisfyer Men

Are you searching for the perfect orgasm? Well, prepare to have your mind blown! Satisfyer offers you a whole range of male masturbators that will change the way you understand and enjoy sex. Different textures, vibration, heat effect, rotation... Prepare to drive yourself crazy trying to choose between them. Is your birthday coming up?

Are you searching for the perfect orgasm? Well, prepare to have your mind blown! After delivering half of the world's female population to orgasmic paradise, Satisfyer has put all its expertise at the service of male pleasure. The result? A whole range of masturbators that have revolutionised the way men understand and enjoy sex. Whether alone or accompanied, there are no limits to your enjoyment. The German company has conquered new frontiers of extreme pleasure. Find out all there is to know about the Satisfyer Men range here and now. Learn about all their features and characteristics and drive yourself crazy just trying to choose between them! Is your birthday coming up?

1) Satisfyer Men: we don't want to exaggerate — but this male masturbator delivers truly unique stimulation. We’ll try to put you in the picture. Thanks to its cutting-edge vacuum system that you control using valves, you regulate the kind of squeeze and suction that you need. More or less intense, tighter or looser — but always how you like it. Combine masturbation with the feeling of oral and vaginal sex.

And now for the best bit — the Satisfyer Men can use six different sleeves. Waves, dots, spirals, soft nubs; lustful tongues that lick you and flexible walls that squeeze your penis tightly.These six sleeves pose an interesting question: How many different ways can you reach orgasm?

2) Satisfyer Men Vibration: Did you think that vibrators were just for girls? Well, this sex toy provides you with no less than 14 different vibration settings. With two super-powerful motors located at each end and in the middle, it quickly adapts to your body temperature to remind you of an exciting oral sex encounter.

3) Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration:with 70 different vibration modes — the warming effect of this device is incredible. Activate it and let it take you away. Do you prefer the warmth of the first moment or the fervour that precedes the climax? You don't have to choose — it reaches 40 degrees Celsius.

4) Satisfyer Men Wand: 2 flexible wings that completely surround your penis, 10 vibration modes and 5 different intensities. It sounds perfect.

5) Satisfyer Men Stroker: intense rotation settings that trap you in a whirlwind of pleasure.

6) Satisfyer Men Heat Climax and Satisfyer Men Hot Passion: prostate stimulators with an innovative heating feature. 

7) Satisfyer Classic Black and Satisfyer Classic Silver: stimulate your whole penis with a classic and delightful manual masturbator.

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