Oh, the anus! That great unknown! Forget forever about fears, prejudices, and start enjoying one of the most erogenous zones we have in the simplest way. Experts recommend leaving penetration (for beginners) for later and starting to experiment with anal toys. Anal plugs and anal vibrators will be your best allies, and in this section of EroticFeel, you will find all the models from the best brands at the best price. Don't overthink it and go for it, we guarantee you'll transcend the boundaries of pleasure you knew.

Where do you want to start? Satisfyer's plugs, with different textures, are perfect as dilators and ideal for getting started with anal training. This doesn't mean that vibrators are ruled out for beginners; the ones you'll find at EroticFeel are suitable for all levels of experience due to their size and shape.

Remember that the anus is full of nerve endings and that to stimulate them without discomfort, you just need the right toy and a good lubricant (very important, as the anus, unlike the vagina, does not lubricate naturally). Got everything you need? Well, relax and enjoy, new realms of pleasure await you.

Why buy an anal toy?

Are you going to venture into the world of anal stimulation? Great, congratulations! It took you some time to decide, huh? Well, don't worry, it's never too late if the joy is good.

At first, anal sex may seem painful, dirty, uncomfortable, and not at all pleasurable, but all this has nothing to do with reality. Sometimes appearances are deceiving, and anal stimulation is a clear example of that. Take note! We're going to give you the keys to make your first contact with this technique as pleasurable as possible. Starting directly with anal penetration, without prior warning or preparation, can be quite daring and would only serve to corroborate all the gossip surrounding anal sex. The best way to start is by getting an anal toy, and at EroticFeel, we have countless options for you. Anal plugs, anal vibrators, prostate stimulators, anal dildos... these are just some of the anal sex toys you can find in this section. Anal sex toys have many advantages, as they adapt to you based on your experience in this practice. Are you a beginner? Get yourself a smaller and smooth anal toy. Do you consider yourself an expert? Larger anal toys with bolder shapes are perfect for you. They all have one thing in common: anal sex toys help you prepare and progress to different levels as you become accustomed to anal stimulation.


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