20 curiosities (some amazing) you should know about the anus

 | 20 curiosities (some amazing) you should know about the anus
Sara Martínez 8/25/2022

Anus and rectum are not the same. Anus means ring, from the Latin anus, and we speak of it to refer to the orifice located at the end of the digestive tract. The rectum, on the other hand, is the segment of the digestive tract that begins at the end of the large intestine and ends at the anus.

In his theory of psychosexual development, Sigmund Freud called 'anal phase' the second stage of libidinal evolution. That is, for the father of psychoanalysis we are all sexual beings from birth and the development of our libido goes through five changes (oral, anal, phallic, latency period and genital phase). The anal phase would take place between the second and third year of life.

Replete with nerve endings, the anus is one of the major erogenous zones of the body and its stimulation is not something new, it is as old as the human being.

In the 19th century, measuring the anus was one of the methods of testing accusations of sodomy. Authorities reportedly went around shouting 'have your anus measured!' like Alice's Red Queen shouted 'have your head cut off!' The likes of poet Paul Verlaine, the father of computing Alan Turing, or Nobel Prize-winning mathematician John Forbesh Nash, had to put their asses on display for others to examine and take the measurements of their respective anuses.

There is a specific medical discipline that deals with the anus: proctology

There is also a para-science called rumpology or anomance that is in charge of predicting the future through the "33 wrinkles and folds" of the anus. Silvester Stallone's mother is one of the biggest proponents of this technique.

Hemorrhoids are the most common rectal ailment or disease.

An anal fissure is not the same as an anal fistula. Fistulas can occur in many places in the body, are relatively common and usually manifest as a swelling or lump. An anal fissure is a tear in the tissue lining the anus.

Sodomy, i.e. anal penetration, is the third most widespread sexual practice in the world.

For the Catholic Church anal penetration is an act against nature and a nefarious vice. Rare? Well, sodomy wasn't legal in the U.S. until 2003. Well.

You can stimulate the anus with your hands, with your tongue (anilingus) or with specific sex toys, and yes, both men and women can orgasm through the anus.

Any sex toy used for anal stimulation must have a safety stopper to prevent it from being absorbed into the bowel.

One of the most erogenous zones of the male anatomy is the so-called 'P-spot'. Located next to the prostate it can only be accessed through the anus and the orgasms it brings are more intense than those achieved by stimulating the glans penis.

The anus has the ability to dilate very much, according to some experts up to 15 centimeters (we have not verified this).

The 'fisting' or 'fist-fucking' is the sexual practice of inserting a fist, in whole or in part, into the anus or vagina.

Anus cancer is one of the least common diseases. According to the American Association for Colorectal Surgery, it "accounts for approximately 1% to 2% of gastrointestinal cancers."

There is no chance of pregnancy, but you can contract a sexually transmitted disease, HIV or hepatitis B through the anus. So yes, to practice safe anal sex you have to use a condom.

Do you want to bleach your anus? This is a cosmetic medical procedure that became fashionable a few years ago and has many followers. The session can be around 100 euros and its effects will pass in a while, since the anus, like the goat, pulls the mountain and will gradually recover its normal pigmentation.

The anal anal anal piercing was an instrument of torture used by the Inquisition to punish 'passive homosexuals'. It was inserted into the prisoner's anus and once inside it was opened by means of a screw and expanded to the maximum. In addition to great pain, in most cases it resulted in death.

Women accused of 'having been impregnated by Satan' had an even worse punishment awaiting them: the saw. Hanging upside down, they were cut from the anus down to the belly.


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