Pjur Med Pro-Long Spray

Pjur Med Pro-Long Spray

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Shall we show you your future? Not that we are fortune tellers, but from now on, your sexual encounters will be much more long-lasting. You don't believe us? Well, pay attention. Introducing Pjur Med Pro-Long spray — a climax-delay spray for men that will revolutionise your sex life. Thanks to its tannic acid, an active ingredient from oak bark with a powerful calming effect; and panthenol, which reduces sensitivity — premature ejaculation will be a thing of the past.

Most men would like to last longer in bed; here’s something that’ll help you achieve that goal. According to specialists, 95% of those who decide to face the challenge find a solution. This spray from Pjur will put you on the right track. Its calming formula reduces hypersensitivity of the penis. Do you dare to try it?

Main features that make Pjur Med Pro-Long spray a great ally in the fight against premature ejaculation:

  • This is a climax-delay spray for men.
  • It contains tannic acid, an active ingredient from oak bark which has a powerful calming effect.
  • Reduces penis hypersensitivity thanks to another of its ingredients — panthenol.
  • Prolongs male pleasure.
  • Very handy — its small size makes it perfect to take on any trip.
  • 100% compatible with latex condoms.
  • It’s a high-quality product with natural ingredients and complies with the highest safety standards.
  • Non-greasy and non-sticky.
  • Neutral taste.
  • Contains 20 ml.

How do you use Pjur Med Pro-Long Spray?

Before use, apply some of the product to your forearm to check for possible allergic reactions. No reaction? Great! So now get down to it. You just have to spray this solution once on your penis head, let a few minutes go by for the product to penetrate the skin — and you will soon start feeling its effects. You can always reapply if necessary. Sex will never be the same again.

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