Climax Delay Lubricant

Many men are tormented by the fear of not being able to last long enough in bed. Don’t worry. There's a whole range of products that’ll help you to achieve this. Lubricants, sprays, serums, gels and creams — with natural ingredients and with no local anaesthetics. They'll help you delay your orgasms and prolong the pleasure in a natural way.

Many men are tormented by the fear of not being able to last long enough in bed. It seems like we spend our lives watching the clock and checking the time — but sex isn't a race where you have to beat your personal best. We certainly don't recommend ‘living life in the fast lane’ when it comes to having sex. According to experts, more than 30% of Europeans suffer with premature ejaculation. And are there different types? It seems so. For sexologists, if an orgasm occurs in less than 60 seconds from the outset of intercourse, it’s considered to be severe premature ejaculation. Between one and four minutes is referred to as mild premature ejaculation. And from five minutes onwards, it's no longer regarded as premature ejaculation. This classification is somewhat flawed for those who believe that premature ejaculation simply takes place when a man climaxes earlier than desired. This can occur either with a partner or during masturbation, and affects one in three men at some point in their lives.

If your body realises that it can have an orgasm in a few seconds, it's not going to wait ten minutes, right? Premature ejaculation is not an illness. It's a habit that's influenced by factors such as anxiety, nerves, stress or masturbation techniques learnt during adolescence. Maybe you learnt to ejaculate as early as possible so your parents wouldn't catch you, and now you have to reassess your approach. Don’t worry. There’s a whole range of products that’ll help you to achieve this. But first of all, we'd like to provide you with some very encouraging info. 95% of men who decide to address their issues with premature ejaculation succeed. Those are promising stats, aren’t they? Well, let’s get to it!

Climax delay lube

Using climax delay lube is one of the most popular and effective ways to combat premature ejaculation. At EroticFeel, we have a wide range of lotions specifically designed to delay your orgasm — and prolong your pleasure. Many of them make use of ingredients such as benzocaine or lidocaine — two local anaesthetics that numb the penis slightly. They've become the star components of condoms, creams, serums and climax-delay lubricants. Although these types of products can work perfectly, you should always exercise caution when using them. It's also a good idea to consult a professional if you have any concerns.

Pjur are market leaders with more than 20 years' experience in the sector. They have developed all types of intimate cosmetics and have set themselves to work to meet the demand for climax delay lubricants. The result is a range that encompasses a variety of products that enhance the pleasure and make the fun last much longer. The key to Pjur's climax-delay lube for men is their composition — lidocaine and benzocaine free, they only contain natural ingredients of the highest purity.. Ginkgo, ginseng, ginger or oak bark extract are some of the ingredients the company has employed to help you last longer and revolutionize your sexual encounters.

What's the best delaying lube?

There's such a huge variety available that it's best to search and choose based on your needs, your body and the moment. Nevertheless, we'd like to make a special recommendation. Imagine a lubricant that both enhances your libido and your sexual performance... Well, it really exists and it’s called Pjur Superhero. This water-based lubricant is enriched with ginkgo biloba which has potent vasodilatory, stimulating and energizing properties. It'll make sex more intense, enjoyable and longer-lasting.

Climax-delay gel

Climax-delay products can be found in different formats and with a variety of textures. They all work in much the same way — so whether to opt for a gel, lotion, serum, cream or spray to delay ejaculation is a matter of personal taste.

Climax delay serums and sprays

Pjur products are nearly all available in spray format, but as mentioned above, none of them make use of any anaesthetic substances. Take for example, Pjur Superhero Performance. As the spray is absorbed into the skin, it reduces penis sensitivity without numbing so that you can enjoy longer-lasting pleasure.

If you're looking for something more robust, maybe you should go for Pjur Superhero Strong Performance spray. Highly concentrated and enriched with ginger extract (which enhances sexual desire and helps to prevent premature ejaculation), you only have to spray it two to four times on your penis and wait a few seconds to start feeling its effects.

It contains panthenol and tannic acid. The first reduces sensitivity, while the second is an active ingredient from oak bark with strong calming properties. Its potent delaying effect and wholly natural ingredients has made Pjur Med Pro-Long Spray a best-seller. You just have to spray this solution once on your penis head, let a few minutes pass for the product to penetrate the skin — and you will soon start feeling its effects. You can always reapply if necessary.

Climax delay creams

So you thought you only had a choice of lube, gels, serums and sprays? Not quite! You still have another great option — climax-delay creams that also pamper your skin. These are creams enriched with ginkgo and ginseng extract. As you don't feel their effects immediately, the key is to use them regularly to improve blood circulation and delay orgasm.

Lubricant for premature ejaculation

As you've already seen, besides facilitating penetration and making sex much more pleasurable, lubricant can also be a great ally when it comes to dealing with premature ejaculation. Combine its use with some simple tricks like learning to relax, controlling your breathing, and diverting your attention just when you think you're about to cum. By learning to regain your composure momentarily before you return to the task in hand, premature ejaculation will soon become a thing of the past. Oh, and one last little tip... Sexologists and therapists highly recommend doing pelvic floor exercises. Just squeeze your muscles as if you're holding your pee, and then relax them again. Repeat this a few times each day and you'll tone the area and gain more control over your body.

Now you know — you have the power in your hands. Sexual wellness products are on your team. Go for it together!


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