During a witchcraft trial in 1593, the executioner in charge of the examination, a married man, discovered (apparently for the first time) the clitoris and identified it as a mark of the devil. It was irrefutable evidence of the accused's guilt. According to accounts, he showed this strange thing to the spectators. They had never seen anything like it before, as one does not see what one does not wish to see, and the clitoris did not participate in the only function female genitals were associated with: childbirth. After years of repression and oblivion, we present Clitherapy today, and because, if it is a mark of the devil, blessed be, as its sole purpose is to provide pleasure, so much so that not even the glans of the penis has as many nerve endings as the glorious clitoris.

In this section, you will find the four balms, the vibrating liquid, the oral sex pills, and the vibrating finger ring that make up this collection dedicated to the almighty clitoris, a true ode to this "small piece of outstanding flesh, as if it were a nipple, located in a very secret place that was indecorous to look at," as described by the executioner. It would be indecent not to treat this gem as it deserves.

Slide your finger over these balms based on coconut and almond oil and apply them to your clitoris. The warming effect is instant. Move your fingers around, draw circles, lines, trace zigzag patterns, first gently and then a little stronger, savor it. Press the ring against your body. Discover the refreshing sensation of mint pills on your clitoris. And repeat tomorrow. Because you no longer need permission.


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