The major brand of safe sex, which democratized the use of condoms among several generations, knows well that natural lubrication is not always the same. As experts, they understand the erotic properties of a good massage and how much proper lubrication can enhance an encounter. Because sex is pleasure, warmth, and also moisture, Durex Play offers you a wide variety of gels and lubricants to raise the temperature and maximize the experience. New sensations, new flavors, new textures, the reasons to use them are endless, the hard part is to stick with just one. Here you can find the complete Durex Play range.

Are you looking for a water-based lubricant that takes care of and hydrates your skin? At EroticFeel, our online sex shop, you can buy Durex Play. Want a lubricant that warms up upon contact with your body, causing an exciting sensation of heat? Here, at EroticFeel, you can read reviews of Durex Play before purchasing. How about adding a spicy touch to your relationships with a lubricant that tastes like cherries or strawberries? You can buy Durex Play heat effect. A lubricant that prolongs the pleasure and duration of your encounters? Durex Play. Are you looking for a silicone-based lubricant that enhances the sense of touch? Durex Play. A massage gel and intimate lubricant suitable for all kinds of practices? Not to be insistent, but the answer is always the same: Durex Play.

Compatible with any condom and suitable for vaginal, oral, anal sex, and lubrication of erotic toys, these gels and lubricants will take you out of routine and make you moan with pleasure. Touch, touch, and touch. Is there anything more exciting?


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