Durex Play Perfect Glide
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Durex Play Perfect Glide

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"It's by far the best lube I've ever tried", "excellent", "it really works for me". It's sometimes more useful to read customer reviews on a product than its description. When it comes to Durex Play Perfect Glide, which is the world's number condom brand's silicone-based lube, users have nothing but praise for the product. This is because its formula lasts three times longer than water-based lubricants. Do you want to increase the pleasure and duration of your encounters? With Durex Play Eternal, they'll be unforgettable.

Very easy to apply and suitable for use with any latex condom, this lubricant is perfect for vaginal, oral and anal sex. Do you fancy an underwater sex session? Remember that silicone lubricants are ideal for your underwater encounters because they provide more intense and longer-lasting lubrication.

Why choose Durex Play Perfect Glide?

  • Silicone-based intimate lubricant.
  • Three times more long-lasting than water-based lubricant
  • Easy to apply.
  • It enhances the sensations and the pleasure.
  • Perfect for vaginal, oral and anal sex.
  • Totally compatible with all latex condoms.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Perfect for him and for her.
  • Contains: 50 ml.

How do I use Durex Play Perfect Glide?

Relax, apply and enjoy. Those are the three basic rules! Remember that with it being a silicone lubricant, it provides a more intense and long-lasting — so you don't need to use as much of it. Apply a little and then spread by massaging with your fingertips. If it dries, you can always come back for more. Just one recommendation: be careful not to be too generous before putting on the condom because it could slip off during sex. Don't give it another thought. Incredible moments await you.

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