Shunga Geisha's Secrets Sparkling Strawberry Wine Set Box

Shunga Geisha's Secrets Sparkling Strawberry Wine Set

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We hope your birthday's coming up, but if not, you can always give yourself a present because you're worth it, right? A beautiful case that contains five treasures to awaken your senses. Five objects of desire for the most intense caresses and the most stimulating encounters. Five secrets of the geishas for an intense erotic journey through the land of the rising sun. Prepare a dinner of ramen and tatakis, wash it down with some sake and save the fortune cookies for breakfast. Luck is already on your side and you're going to wake up very hungry! With the Sparkling Strawberry Wine aroma of Shunga Geisha's Secrets, you’ll want the night to last forever.

These Oils, balms and lotions are Shunga's star products and they come in a luxury travel-size case. It's perfect for travel and for throwing the doors of desire wide open.

What products does the Shunga Geisha's Secrets Sparkling Strawberry Wine set include?

  • Erotic massage oil(10 ml), with Sparkling Strawberry Wine. Use this oil, which contains all-natural ingredients, and take all the time you need. There are fewer things more sensual than a long, slow erotic massage.
  • Warming effect aprodisiac oil with Sparkling Strawberry Wine aroma (10 ml). Caress your lover's body and blow lightly to stimulate the warming effect on their skin.
  • Romance mini-massage candle (30 ml), with sparkling strawberry wine aroma. Light it and watch the hot wax turn into a delicious massage oil; pour it on — it won't burn.
  • Toko Aqua personal lubricant (10 ml). Water-based and with natural ingredients, this lotion perfectly emulates natural lubrication for the slipperiest of encounters and the wettest of penetrations.
  • Dragon intensifying cream for lovers (7 ml). It enhances and intensifies erections and increases the pleasure for both partners — for the most thrilling encounters!

This treasure chest is waiting for you and you don't need a map to locate it — you know exactly where it is.

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