Shunga Lasting Pleasure Set Box

Shunga Lasting Pleasure Set

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With this pleasure set, we're certain that you’ll be rocking around the clock ‘til way past broad daylight. Naked and intertwined — Shunga's Lasting Pleasure sharpens the senses and arouses the sensuality. You'll be drawn into a game of touching and being touched, of seducing and being seduced, of postponing the moment of orgasm — until it's unavoidable. Revel in this erotic journey, savour the kisses and caresses and feel every ounce of joy that two entangled bodies can generate. Shunga, the Canadian brand that specialises in erotic cosmetics, will keep you on your toes with this selection of lubricants, oils, orgasmic creams and a vibrating ring that will transport you from arousal — all the way to climax.

What does the Lasting Pleasure set by Shunga contain?

  • Toko lubricant with Sparkling Strawberry Wine Aroma (10 ml):This water-based lotion has an ultra-smooth texture and a long-lasting effect. It cares for and moisturises your skin and is fully compatible with latex condoms and sex toys. Gluten and sugar free, and suitable for vegans, the flavoured lubricants by Shunga are the only ones that don't leave a bad taste in the mouth when ingested. For more intense, more exciting, more pleasurable and much tastier sex.
  • Libido Massage Oil (10 ml): scented with exotic fruits and made with 100% natural ingredients, it moisturises and cares for your skin while providing the smoothest and most sensual massages.
  • Sparkling Strawberry Wine aprodisiac oil (10 ml): Apply a few drops of this stimulating oil on your preferred area and activate its warming effect with a gentle blow. You'll notice a rapid increase in the temperature of the skin... and the room!
  • Secret Garden massage cream (4 ml): intensifies clitoral sensitivity for mind-blowing orgasms. Thanks its water-based formula, its L-arginine (which has stimulating and vasodilating effects), and its natural extracts that'll relax your vaginal walls — this topical lotion will exceed all your expectations! Indeed, it’s also highly recommended for oral sex.
  • Dragon Cream (4 ml): enhances and intensifies the male erection. Its intense warming effect will be transmitted to your partner and will also increase the sensitivity of their intimate area. We're not fortune tellers but we foresee deep and powerful orgasms.
  • Vibrating penis ring

Enjoy slowly — and like never before.

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