Pjur Med Premium Glide Lube

Pjur Med Premium Glide Lube

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Do you have delicate skin, neurodermatitis or is your skin prone to irritation? Then pay attention. Pjur Med Premium Glide contains the highest quality silicones, no chemicals and no preservatives. It's especially formulated for particularly sensitive or dry mucous membranes. Thanks to the purity of its ingredients, this lubricant boasts the 5-star guarantee. This means it's ideal for those people who have sensitive skin or suffer with allergies. Unique skin need unique care.

Recommended by gynaecologists, Pjur Med Premium Glide provides exceptionally long-lasting lubrication whilst softening and moisturising without blocking pores.

Key features of Pjur Med Premium Glide lubricant — why is it for you?

  • Premium silicone-based lubricant.
  • Doesn't contain chemical ingredients.
  • Preservative-free.
  • Especially suitable for sensitive or very dry mucous membranes in the genital region.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • It does not cause allergies.
  • With the Dermatest 5-star quality seal.
  • Rated as excellent even for the most sensitive skin.
  • Doesn't block pores.
  • Leaves skin silky-smooth.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Ideal for daily use.
  • Totally compatible with all latex condoms.
  • Relieves symptoms of vaginal dryness — making foreplay and penetration more comfortable and satisfying.
  • You can use it on any part of your body.
  • It contains 100 ml.

How do you use Pjur Med Premium Glide?

It couldn’t be easier. Just apply the amount you need to your intimate area and spread it with a gentle massage. You can repeat if you need to. Remember that silicone-based lubricants are not absorbed like water-based lubricants. It'll remain on your skin until you remove it with a little warm water and mild soap.

Because you deserve the best care, Pjur Med Premium Glide lubricant will be your most trustworthy companion from now on.

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