Stockings, Tights and Leggings

Below, you'll find the perfect complements for the sexiest look. Few clothes can be as seductive, and exude such elegance and eroticism as a pair of tights or stockings. Wear them with your sexiest underwear or a kinky costume. These are just two of a countless number of options — the choice is yours. You’ll find the best selection of stocking, tights and leggings in our catalogue. Pair them with sexy lingerie and give that special someone a ravishing surprise.

On their own, with heels or paired with one of our sexy outfits. The erotic power of stockings is undeniable. They can be black, see-through, with prints, and let's not forget fishnet stockings. Stockings have been symbols of sensuality and rebellion since the Flappers of the Roaring Twenties brought them into fashion. Those rebellious young women were often labelled as 'brash' or 'outrageous' by traditionalists. One way they defied the moral doctrine of the time was through the way they dressed. They often wore dresses that were cut at the knee and with lower necklines. They spiced up this attire with long necklaces and the type of jewellery that was almost exclusively worn by prostitutes. Many also had their hair short and wore fishnet stockings.

Tights or stockings have the remarkable ability to transform virtually any outfit into something sexy. That's how the pin-ups of the 1950s viewed them too. Even the punks in the 1980s joined the trend by ripping even bigger holes in them. (We all remember Madonna's love for this fabric — not only for stockings, but for tops, gloves and bodysuits). They reveal enough bare skin to arouse, and cover enough to evoke the hottest fantasies.

Oh, lovely legs! It may seem that since sex has become so focused on genitals that legs have lost the power of seduction they once had. Nothing could be further than the truth. For many, they remain an unparalleled sexual fetish, and few things are as erotically charged as a woman gracefully pulling up or sliding down her stockings. Would you like to try?

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Types of erotic stockings

Strictly speaking, stockings are a feminine garment that covers the legs from the feet to the calf or to the lower half of the thigh. This alone makes them a thoroughly erotic piece of clothing. Many old movies played with the image of a woman sitting with her skirt so high that you could almost see where her stocking ended and her bare skin began.

Stockings can also be worn with a garter belt and although their main function was originally to hold the stockings in place — but we all know how that turned out! Today, the garter belt is one of the male fetishes par excellence.

All types of stockings are sexy. Their ability to excite lies in the suggestion of what's underneath — what you might get to see or touch. Add a garter belt to the mix and feel the temperature soar.

Types of erotic tights

Tights are the big brother of stockings, covering you from your feet to your waist. However, this extra fabric does not lessen their ability to seduce in the slightest. Fishnet tights, with see-through parts, with prints, with lace trim. The key remains the same — the power of suggestion. They can be more or less opaque, but never completely transparent. Set your imagination free. Want some advice? Sexy tights will improve any look you go for.

Types of sexy leggings

Leggings have become an essential part of any wardrobe, but they also have the power to be one of the sexiest garments around. They're perfect for highlighting your curves — adjusting to and shaping your figure. Leather, latex, lycra, with openings or prints — the options are endless. If you're looking for an unbeatable combination of comfort and sensuality — leggings are for you.

Remember — tights, stockings and leggings are not only attractive, they have also always been a symbol of female sexuality. Awaken the desire and feel at your most powerful. Is there any better way to cover and show your bare legs at the same time?


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