Bodystockings are an absolute must if you want to spice up your love life. EroticFeel is delighted to announce that we have a huge range to choose from: spider web, fishnet, lace or sheer.  These sexy outfits are seductive, elegant and sensual — boasting original designs. They're quite simply a must-have for your next erotic encounter so browse our selection of body stockings for women below!

Turn your body into a weapon of mass seduction. Bodystockings aren’t as well known as other erotic articles — but they might just be the sexiest. Slip into one of these little numbers and your partner's sexual desire will spill out like a bottle of fizzy pop that's just been shaken up — all over the place and out of control! These sexy fishnet, lace and sheer outfits are tight to your body, shaping it and revealing what lies underneath. They cover up just enough skin for the imagination to wander and pulses to start racing.

Bodystockings are the latest craze to hit the erotic fashion scene. Being able to buy them anonymously through sex shops like EroticFeel without having to go to a physical store has boosted sales and this trend just keeps on growing. It seems that many of us are still a little embarrassed to purchase such products in person, even though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel sexy. Sex is fabulous and trying to enhance it and make our fantasies come true should be about as embarrassing as going to the supermarket to buy milk and bread!

Different colours and materials: grid, mesh, net and spider-web. Bodystockings have become fetish items — real objects of desire. They cover you, but also shape your curves and mould your body. They ooze sensuality, surprise and arouse. Do you dare to possess that much sexual power?

Our net body stockings are designed for all types of women and available in different styles and sizes. So, you'll no longer be able to use the usual excuses such as "it's not my style" or "it's not my size"! In our EroticFeel collection, we have fishnet dresses and outfits for all women and in all sizes. They're made with the best materials and fabrics and of the highest quality. Perhaps they're not the most appropriate for a religious ceremony — but they're be perfect for the party afterwards!

Sexy bodystockings

You know that the first thing a superheroine should have is an amazing outfit. Remember Halle Berry in her seductive leather gear in Catwoman? Now think, what would Superman be without his superhero gear? Yes, a rather dull and drab guy in a suit and glasses, with no world-saving spirit whatsoeve! We mean, if he told you he was going to catch the bad guys in those boring clothes, you'd probably think he was going out for a drink with his mates down the pub. Well, with sex it’s the same thing. If you’re in a tracksuit, who’s going to believe you’re looking for a night of hot passion? Use your imagination and do your part to make sure your choice of outfit doesn’t poor a bucket of ice-cold cold water on that flame of desire.

A bodystocking is a one-piece garmen that covers the body from your torso to your feet, exuding the most powerful erotic vibe. Choose the one that best suits your body and you'll look amazing in it. Although you may have seen them in leather or PVC, catsuits and bodystockings are made of all kinds of fabrics: fishnet, vinyl, mesh, lace... There are completely see-through ones and many have openings in strategic places. You'll be the sexiest feline at the party — and in bed!

Remember that paying attention to the lingerie we wear during our intimate encounters is key to preventing boredom and keeping the passion alive. Underwear really does matter. Feeling sexy and confident matters even more. If you've already decided to sprinkle a little spice into your love life, you've come to the right place and you're in for a very pleasant surprise! If your partner passes out, give them mouth-to-mouth and let the foreplay commence. And, watch out — they’ll want to rip it off immediately. But there’s no rush — you've got the whole night to enjoy!


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