Durex Taste Me

Durex Taste Me Condoms

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Strawberry, apple, banana, orange — do you like fruit? You don't always have to eat it fresh. Durex offers you a different formula. It might be less nutritious — but it's much more fun! There's no need here to remind ourselves of all the dangers involved in practising unprotected oral sex (herpes, candidiasis; human papillomavirus which can lead to cancer, HIV). Why take risks when we can avoid them in the most delightful way? Add a little extra flavour and enjoy every last inch of your snack.

Durex Taste Me includes twelve fruity flavoured condoms for a gourmet experience.. Smooth, transparent and lubricated natural rubber latex condoms. They have a classic shape and a nominal width of 53 centimetres.



Why choose Durex Taste Me condoms?

  • Natural rubber latex condoms
  • Different colours and flavours: banana (4 condoms), strawberry (4 condoms), apple (2 condoms) and orange (2 condoms).
  • Manufactured in accordance with the strictest quality controls.
  • Smooth and lubricated.
  • With a classic shape.
  • Nominal width of 53 millimetres.

Although Durex Taste Me condoms are designed for oral sex (ingesting the lubricant is completely safe), they can also be used for foreplay and penetration. However, if you've used the condom for oral sex it's advisable to use a new one for penetration.

And, just in case you had any doubts, flavoured condoms are perfectly safe and undergo the same quality controls as the standard ones — as well as being ideal condoms for oral sex. Use them properly and they won't break. What's more, they're totally compatible with water-based and silicone-based lubricants, but not oil-based ones, which can damage the latex and cause tears.

Trust Durex and try their flavoured condoms. They’ll make your mouth water!

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