Flavoured Condoms

Protected and tasty oral sex! Your sexual encounters will be even more enjoyable with the flavoured condoms found in this section of EroticFeel. And of course, health wise — they're 100% safe. Now you just have to decide: Do you like tropical flavours? Or how about a classic chocolate taste? Whether you to try exotic flavours or you prefer something more familiar, you’ll find it EroticFeel. We have a huge range of flavoured and scented condoms in this section. Enter now and enjoy!

Have you ever been wine tasting? Well, today we're going to do some condom tasting! It might not sound as glamorous, but it's sure to be an enjoyable and exciting experience! We get to enjoy the sweet aromas and fruity flavours, but without the risk of a sore head tomorrow morning! You love oral sex? So do we! But, although most of us are fully aware of the risks involved in having vaginal or anal sex without a condom, many people believe these risks don't apply to oral sex. Unprotected oral sex can expose us to candidiasis, genital herpes, the human papillomavirus (which can lead to throat cancer), or HIV — to name just a few. As your mum would say — prevention is always better than the cure. It's even better if we can prevent it while savouring our favourite flavours.

Strawberry, apple, banana, orange — what's not to like about these great fruit flavours? As you know, the doc recommends five a day! Or are you more of a chocolate and vanilla person? Flavored condoms can be used for fellatio(ingesting the lubricant that they usually come with by default is totally safe). They're also suitable for foreplay and penetration. However, if you've already used the condom for oral sex, it's recommended that you use a new one for penetration. If you want to save money, save on something else — don't be stingy!

Flavored condoms are perfectly safe and undergo the same quality controls as standard condoms. Use it properly and it won't break. Remember that water-based and silicone lubricants are compatible with most condoms. Don't use them with oils or oil-based lubricants, which can damage the material. Avoid oils and prevent any nasty surprises!

In this section you'll find our full catalogue of flavoured condoms — condoms of all scents and for all tastes. Enter now!

Why types of flavoured condoms can you buy at EroticFeel?

  • Durex Taste Me Condoms

    Twelve condoms for the most discerning palates. Don't settle for the same old thing and broaden the menu with a tropical touch. Enjoy these fruity natural rubber latex condoms. They're smooth, transparent and lubricated, with a classic shape and a width of 53 millimetres. Green apple, strawberry, orange or banana. Choose the flavour you most fancy. It’ll make your mouth water!

Durex are the world's best-selling condom brand and exceed all international quality standards.

If you fancy a bit of underwater fun, bear in mind that there's an increased risk of the condom slipping off. Sea salt doesn't adversely affect condoms. However, if you're in the pool, certain chemical like chlorine can damage the latex.

Finally, if you get a little embarrassed getting your condoms from the pharmacy, our sex shop at EroticFeel guarantees total discretion. Our packages are neutral — no names or logos and 100% snoop-proof! You can also rely on the absolute professionalism of our employees. Leave the embarrassment behind and give your sexual encounters a fun twist!

Now you know — stay fully protected and feast on the flavours!


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