Lelo Gigi 2 Deep Rose Vibrator

LELO Gigi 2 Vibrator

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Were you wondering which was the sexiest G-spot vibrator on the market? It's called Gigi 2 and, of course — it's by LELO. The luxury sex toy brand offers us a new marvel. With its curved design and flattened tip to effectively reach the most hidden and exciting nooks and crannies, this has quickly become one of the world's most popular and highly rated vibrators. Sleek, sophisticated and so quiet that no one will even realise you're using it; Gigi 2 features 8 different vibration modes, from soft, gentle strokes to the most powerful pulsations.  

No need for impressive dimensions and intricate designs, LELO is once again going for minimalistic appeal and uncompromising efficiency. Its simple four-button interface controls a wide range of intensities, so Gigi 2 doesn’t only excel at G-spot stimulation — it also does a marvellous job of caressing the clitoris.. Let it run over your outer and inner labia, before letting it brush over your clitoris and inserting it into your vagina. It promises great moments and some extraordinary moans.

Powerful, versatile, rechargeable and waterproof, Gigi 2 is made from premium, high quality silicone that is completely safe and silky-smooth to the touch.

Main features of the LELO Gigi 2 G-spot vibrator:

  • Elegant and sophisticated G-spot vibrator.
  • It features a curved design and a flattened tip to massage the G-spot more effectively.
  • Made of high quality premium silicone.
  • Silky-smooth to the touch.
  • It features 8 different vibration modes.
  • Enjoy exciting foreplay by holding Gigi 2 over your clitoris and massaging.
  • Silent.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Waterproof.
  • Global bestseller.
  • Available in four colours: turquoise blue, pink, deep rose and cool gray.
  • Simple interface with four buttons to control its wide range of intensities.
  • Insertable length: 9.5 cm (3.7").
  • Insertable width: 3.5 cm (1.4").

Recommendations and advice on how to use:

As always, we recommend using your Gigi 2 with a good water-based lubricant to facilitate penetration and enhance the sensations. Avoid using silicone or oily lotions that can damage your vibrator. Wash the toy before and after each use with warm water, mild soap; it's also advisable to use a special sex toy cleaner. Good maintenance will ensure that your LELO Gigi will live a long, prosperous and moist life. Yes.

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