Tenga Air-Tech Squeeze Regular Masturbator

Tenga Air-Tech Squeeze Regular Masturbator

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If you're a fan of Tenga, here's the Japanese company's latest treat. Remember Air-Tech? Those men's masturbators with an incredible air chamber that provides an intense and irresistible suction sensation? They're truly unforgettable — but if you think nothing could top them, we've got some incredible news! Introducing the new Air-Tech Squeeze. So what's the difference? They have such malleable cases that you can apply the pressure you need at any time. Simply squeeze to customise the stimulation to your own satisfaction. The power is in your hands — quite literally.

Let's start with the first of its three models: the Tenga Air-Tech Squeeze Regular. It has an internal structure made up of nubs and ribs — providing a whirlwind of sensations. It's ideal for those who like just a touch of roughness when masturbating

How do you use the Tenga Air-Tech Squeeze Regular?

Remove the protective plastic and open the lid of the masturbator. You'll find a small container of lubricant inside, apply it generously to the internal chamber through the entry hole. Make sure you remove the sticker covering the hole at the top of the item before inserting your penis. This opening allows air to flow through and makes insertion easier.

By using your finger to cover the airhole, you'll experience a powerful feeling of suction. Thanks to its new, thicker insertion point, you’ll feel the sensation all the way to full insertion. Remember that all Tenga Air-Tech Squeeze are reusable. Just treat it with care and clean it properly, so it can provide you with endless moments of pleasure. For future use, Tenga recommends the use of Tenga Hole Lotion. However, it also says that the device is compatible with any water-based lube. Important — silicone-based lubricants and oils can damage the product’s material.

How do you clean the Tenga Air-Tech Squeeze Regular?

First remove the sleeve from inside the case and turn it inside-out. Wash it with neutral soap and warm water. Now, wipe off most of the moisture with a towel and place it in its original position to finish the drying process. Tenga warns that if the sleeve is not turned over again before it is laid out to dry, the material may stretch and become unusable. Once it's completely dry, put it back in the case and store it until your next session.

Main features of the Tenga Air-Tech Squeeze Regular:

  • Reusable men's masturbator.
  • With an internal structure made up of nubs and ribs.
  • Boasts an innovative malleable case, so you can control the strength of stimulation at any time.
  • By using your finger to cover the airhole, you'll experience a powerful feeling of suction.
  • Lubricant sample included.
  • Its sleeve is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Case made of soft elastomer.
  • Has an insertion length of approximately 15 cm (5.9") and an insertion width of 4.5 cm (1.8"). 

Before this new product from Tenga arrived, no man ever had the chance to give himself so much pleasure. So, what are you waiting for? Give your body what it deserves!

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