What is the best lubricant for oral sex?

Moisture is to sex what salt is to bread - you can have it without it, of course, but it will be bland. As you know, there are lubricants of many types, specific to combat vaginal dryness, aphrodisiacs, relaxing for anal sex, enriched with natural ingredients, moisturizing - the variety is incredible. But what about oral sex? Well, although in principle, no lubricant will harm you even if you lick it during the passion of the encounter, there are some that are specially made for ingestion, and those are the most suitable for the most daring and captivating oral sex.

In variety lies the taste, so if you seek our advice, why limit yourself to trying just one? Strawberry, cherry, exotic fruits, orange, maple syrup, coconut, green tea, melon, and mango, exquisite flavors for a gourmet experience that will make your mouth water, literally.

In this section, you will find all the lubricants suitable for oral sex, from the best brands and at the best prices. We remind you that none of our lubricants contain sugar, which also makes them suitable for anal and vaginal sex, as the breakdown of sugars in the vagina can disrupt the area and cause yeast infections.

Oral sex? Better with lubricant, like everything else. Choose yours.


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