Lubricant has become a must-have on the nightstand. To improve sexual relations, to avoid discomfort and pain, to combat vaginal dryness, for certain practices like anal sex, to make the experience with our sex toys more pleasurable, and yes, also for using Kegel balls. Essential for toning the pelvic floor, regaining strength after pregnancy, preventing urine leaks and menopause symptoms, and increasing the power and duration of orgasms, Kegel balls should not be missing among the basics of any woman. Using them couldn't be easier, they are inserted into the vagina just like a tampon, and that's it. The only thing you need is the right lubricant because as you know, inserting anything into an unlubricated vagina can be quite uncomfortable.

In this section, you will find the best lubricants to use with your Kegel balls. Choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs and apply it directly to the vagina or on the balls before inserting them carefully. Your body (and your orgasms) will thank you for it.

Why buy lubricant for Kegel balls?

You probably already know, but using lubricant during sexual intercourse or masturbation is commonplace, even when you use your Kegel balls. Yes, don't be surprised, at EroticFeel, we even have a selection exclusively dedicated to lubricants for Kegel balls. Tone your pelvic floor with the extra help of a lubricant for Kegel balls, and you'll see how much easier it becomes.

Lubricants for Kegel balls have many advantages. The main one is that they facilitate the insertion of the balls into the vagina, as sometimes natural lubrication may fail, and inserting the Kegel balls like that, without prior notice, can be uncomfortable and painful. Their use is very simple, just like when you use lotion with another toy. Simply apply a little lubricant for Kegel balls to the entrance of your vagina and/or on the balls and insert them. Easy, right?

Follow our advice, use lubricant for Kegel balls, and everything will be much, much better.


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