Tenga Egg Lovers

Tenga Egg Shiny Masturbator

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Thinking of an original gift without falling into the clichés of chocolates, cuddly toys or aftershave is really tough. Need ideas? Small, discreet and extremely pleasurable — Tenga Egg Lovers is perfect for any occasion. Can you think of anything better than giving the gift of pleasure? (To others, or to yourself — it never hurts to indulge!). Experience a romantic and masturbation session with this cute, special edition of the male sex toy par excellence.

Its internal texture full of heart-shaped ribs will delight you to the core.. May we remind you that the now legendary Tenga Eggs have become the favourite male masturbator of millions of men — with sales never before seen in the adult toy industry. Its distinct textures (tight and wavy, web-like, or with threads that intertwine to simulate oral sex) deliver the most delightful and satisfying sensations. Why not experiment? Whether alone or in company, get a Tenga Egg in your life.

How do you use the Tenga Egg Lovers masturbator?

Now it’s yours, don't wait any longer. Make yourself comfortable, take off the wrapper, open the egg, take out the sachet of water-based lubricant included, and spread its contents both at the entrance and inside the egg. Place it over your tip and roll it down over your penis. Finally, all that's left to do is to move it up and down and savour the intense pleasure. You can even turn it and grab it more tightly for extra stimulation.

The Japanese company's star product is made from medical grade hypoallergenic elastomer — an extremely flexible material that fits any size and has a soft, moist feel.

Main features of the Tenga Egg Lovers:

  • Single-use male masturbator (some claim that with special care it can be reused; however, the material is degraded by the lubricant and friction)
  • Internal texture with ribs in the form of different sized hearts.
  • Made of medical grade elastomer.
  • Soft and moist to the touch.
  • Flexible and stretchy — it fits all sizes perfectly.
  • It's compact size means you can take it with you anywhere.
  • Easy to use.

Fall in love with the Tenga Egg Lovers. It's a real safe bet. What if you give the gift of pleasure this time?

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