Masturbator Eggs

Would you like one egg or half a dozen? At EroticFeel, we know that appearances can be deceiving — and this is the perfect place to demonstrate it to you. If you think that you can whip up a tortilla with these eggs, you're mistaken. As soon as you take away the shell, you’ll discover a very appealing male masturbator. What’s more, the brightly coloured patterns on the wrapping are not just random. They actually match the internal texture of each masturbator. We knew you'd want to try them all! Enter now and browse our huge selection of masturbator eggs — a male toy that helps men reach climax in an absolutely incredible way.

Yes, we know. You already know how to give yourself pleasure — you've been doing a good job all your life. They do say that practice makes perfect. However, you can only go so far without the best tools. Now, what if you could turn that ‘good job’ into an ‘amazing job’ or ‘an absolutely incredible job’? How? Well, with the with the male sex toy ‘par excellence’. Super simple to use and great value for money — the Tenga Egg would have won the Nobel Prize of Pleasure if it actually existed (which isn't a bad idea!). A toy with a surprise inside — and what a surprise! Its success has catapulted Tenga to international stardom and has led to the appearance of numerous replicas and copies. At EroticFeel, we have the original and authentic 17 masturbator eggs with their different textures and grips, so you can find new, incredible ways to climax. You’ll wonder how something so small can give you so much pleasure.

Male masturbator eggs

Without counting the special editions and collaborations, Tenga has created two different series of masturbator eggs. First of all, there's the Regular series with eggs that provide smoother stimulation. Its models include Wavy, Clicker, Spider, Twister, Stepper and Silky. Next, we have the Strong series, featuring Thunder, Crater, Misty, Cloudy, Shiny and Surfer — designed for rougher and more intense stimulation. Do you see the shapes and figures drawn on the surface of the egg? Well, those are what you’ll feel on your penis once you've opened it up. Tempting, right? Take a look at their full range and choose one — if you can.

Regular Series:

  • Tenga Egg Wavy egg masturbator

    Tight and with a wave-like texture, you'll find the biggest and thickest waves at the base, while the smaller ones are at the top. And don't worry, it might be the tightest one, but it’ll adapt perfectly to your penis.

  • Tenga Egg Clicker egg masturbator

    The Tenga Egg Clicker gets its great stimulating powers from its design featuring lots of different sized spheres. This means you get dynamic stimulation in all directions. And if you want even more pleasure, rotate your Tenga Egg Clicker It’ll surprise you!

  • Tenga Egg Spider egg masturbator

    This masturbator egg has a web structure and a mesh texture. You'll enjoy all-round, multi-directional stimulation that delivers amazing sensations with every movement.

  • Tenga Egg Twister egg masturbator

    The Tenga Egg Twister masturbator egg provides an incredible spiral effect. This is thanks to its wave pattern design that get narrower towards the top.

  • Tenga Egg Stepper egg masturbator

    This egg is the best for bidirectional stimulation. How does it achieve this? It has an internal structure made up of lots of little wedges. Some of them are upward facing, while others face downwards.

  • Tenga Egg Silky egg masturbator

    With its texture of delicately interwoven threads, it provides a soft and pleasant sensation that is very similar to receiving oral sex.

Strong Series:

  • Tenga Egg Thunder egg masturbator

    The Tenga Egg Thunder masturbator Egg delivers thunderous excitement. To achieve this, it has a strong and powerful zigzag pattern on the inside.

  • Tenga Egg Crater egg masturbator

    Are you looking for something potent? Perhaps Tenga Egg Crater is your best bet. Its crater-like textured pattern, which varies in size, runs along the entire length of the egg.

  • Tenga Egg Misty egg masturbator

    Tenga Egg Misty draws its power of stimulation from a symmetrical system of microscopic, angled nubs. This creates a mesh of unimaginable sensations. For many, this egg is the most stimulating of all the Tenga Eggs.

  • Tenga Egg Cloudy egg masturbator

    Tenga Egg Cloudy is the most robust masturbator egg in the entire Strong series. On top of that, if you're looking for strong sensations, it's incredible internal design will make it the perfect egg for you.

  • Tenga Egg Shiny masturbator egg

    Tenga Egg Shiny has a unique design that is sure to make you smile. It features an irregular pattern formed by circular grooves that provide fluctuating pleasure.

  • Tenga Egg Surfer masturbator egg

    Tenga Egg Surfer has a unique design consisting of waves and small spheres that resemble droplets of water. They produce undulating and winding pleasures that’ll take you to paradise.

Would you like to hear about the special editions?

  • Tenga Egg Lovers egg masturbator

    This masturbator egg will become your greatest ally for a very special occasion. It has a striking symmetrical design, with heart-shaped features.

  • Tenga Egg Cool Edition masturbator egg

    The Tenga Egg Cool Edition is similar to the Tenga Egg Wavy. It has the same wave pattern which is wider at the base and narrower at the top. However, it has one important difference when compared to the Tenga Egg Wavy — it comes with a menthol lubricant. So, it's amazing stimulating effects will be accompanied by a great tingly feeling of freshness.

  • Tenga Egg Keith Haring Street masturbator egg

    Bearing the slogan "Feel the rush of the street", the Keith Haring Street masturbator egg delivers rapid and powerful stimulation thanks to its grooved internal structure. Its unique design features strong details and energetic contrasts.

  • Tenga Egg Keith Haring Dance masturbator egg

    Tenga Egg Keith Haring Dance is a tribute to those never-ending New York nights.. Its textured pattern, made up of delicate grooves, will ensure you enjoy a smooth and incredibly satisfying masturbation experience. Its message is very clear: “Dance the night away”.

  • Tenga Egg Keith Haring Party egg masturbator

    The Tenga Egg Keith Haring Party masturbator egg's stimulating power comes from its finely detailed texture. This slowly but surely builds your excitement until you're brimming with pleasure. Its slogan? “Let's get the party started.”

  • Packs of eggs

    Got a party? Do you want to give a very special gift? Or do you just feel like treating yourself? The 6 packs of Tenga Eggs are perfect for any occasion. You can choose between a pack of 6 eggs from the Regular series or 6 of the Strong variety. Enjoy them!

How do you use a male egg masturbator?

Well, to make a good omelette, first you need to break the eggs. Remove the wrapper, open it, take out the lubricant, and pour its contents both on the inside and around the entrance of the masturbator. Then you just have to place it on your penis, and move up and down. Easy, right? Well, we assure you that it's a whole lot of fun!

How many times can you use masturbator eggs?

Although some people claim that with proper hygiene and maintenance they can be used several times, we confirm that this is a lie. Tenga Eggs are single-use masturbators. That means that they are not reusable.

They’re made of elastomer — an extremely flexible material that adapts to any penis size that's soft and moist to the touch. Since they contain their own little bag of lube, everything you need to enjoy them is inside. So, let's get to work!

The best male masturbator eggs

What?! You're asking us to choose? That would be like asking if we liked mum or dad best! We couldn't do it! All of the eggs from Tenga are of the same quality. You'll be able to choose your own favourite once you've tried them all. And yes — it is quite a challenge!


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