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Tenga Air Cushion Cup Masturbator

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Introducing the Air Cushion Cup, the world's first masturbator with an air cushion design. And as is only natural, it has been created by Tenga — the famous Japanese brand that specialises in the creation of male masturbation products.

Why is the design of the Tenga Air Cushion Cup masturbator so revolutionary?

  • The 24 chambers inside the Air Cushion Cup ensure that the air pressure flows, producing unique sensations from the very first insertion.
  • The texture of the internal thermoplastic elastomer cavity is made up of spheres, ribs and nubs. The aforementioned pressure is transmitted through all of them.
  • The air hole at the top will further enhance the experience, by giving you the ability to control the feeling of suction yourself. This hole is covered by a sticker that you will need to remove before using your masturbator.
  • The Air Cushion Cup can also be tightened at the base to further intensify the sensations.

Remember that the Air Cushion Cup is a single-use masturbator. We recommend not wearing a condom while using it, nor ejaculating outside. This will spoil your enjoyment of the product and will not prevent deterioration of the product.

Now, after reading all this information, you're probably wondering how the Air Cushion Cup is used. Simply remove the wrapper and insert your penis. Don't worry about lubricant — the device features a pad that automatically retains and distributes it when you insert.

Don't wait any longer to try it.

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