Tenga Rainbow Pride Cup
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Tenga Rainbow Pride Cup Masturbator

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To celebrate the occasion of LGBTQI+ Pride, the popular Japanese brand's star product has dropped its distinctive red design in favour of rainbow colours. This is the Rainbow Pride Cup's third edition, but it's the first time that Tenga has ever launched this product worldwide. At EroticFeel, we are big proponents of diversity and we wanted to join Tenga to demonstrate our support for this collective..

The Rainbow Pride Cup Masturbator comes in a unique shape. It probably reminds you of an hour glass. And this design is no coincidence. It's not only been designed to fit snugly in your hand, but it also provides intense stimulation. The internal chamber narrows in the centre and delivers pleasurable squeezing sensations to your penis The internal chamber is approximately 15 cm deep and has a structure composed of complex nodules and waves. It features a ‘Smooth Pad’ insertion mechanism, providing extra adherence and air-tightness. Tenga wants everyone to feel comfortable using their products.

Do you know how to use the Tenga Rainbow Pride Cup?

It's really easy. First of all, take off the wrapping that covers its polyethylene casing and remove the sticker from the hole at the top. Next, remove the cap at the entry hole. And, finally...enjoy!

You're probably wondering if you need to apply lube before inserting your penis. Indeed you do. Well, that’s no problem, because Tenga have thought of everything. The aforementioned "Smooth Pad" mechanism, consists of a soft polyurethane pad that distributes the lubricant along your shaft at the very beginning of your play session. In addition to providing additional adherence, it also prevents fluid leakage. As if this wasn't enough, this pad also has a small opening to allow air to escape so you can enjoy pleasant insertion.

Remember that the Tenga Rainbow Pride Cup Masturbator is intended for single use only. This is mainly due to hygiene reasons, as the material that the internal chamber is made of is porous and will deteriorate with use You may consider using it with a condom or pulling out before ejaculation. At EroticFeel, we advise against doing this. Besides trying to avoid the inevitable, you'll not be making the most of the product.

Let's celebrate diversity! Together, we’re much stronger!

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