Arcwave Ion Masturbator

Arcwave Ion Masturbator

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You’ve heard about the clitoral sucker for too long now — they say it's incredible; they've never felt anything like it; they've just discovered that they're multi-orgasmic... That's all well and good — but what about you? You have a great relationship with your penis — the longest lasting and most satisfying you've ever had. It never fails you (almost never!) and you know how to treat it. However, you've not experienced anything new under the sun since you discovered the thrill of touching it. Well, hold your horses, my friend — because here comes something that will completely transform your life. Sorry Neil Armstrong, this is a real giant leap for mankind and not your lunar wanderings — OK, we admit that it was quite important but... did Neil reinvent masturbation? Not that we’re aware of! Pay attention because you haven't seen anything like this since you received your first calculator watch. The Ion Arcwave is a men’s toy that guarantees more intense, long-lasting and varied orgasms. These orgasms are like the ones she experiences — and how this happens is just as important as where it happens. Let us explain.

How? For the first time in a male masturbator, the Ion Arcwave incorporates Pleasure Air technology; this produces stimulation via airwaves that pulsate and penetrate. This technology is the same as that used in clitoral suction devices. And where? In the frenulum, no less — that's the key. The fold that connects the underside of the glans to the rest of the penis is extremely sensitive. The frenulum contains sensory receptors called Pacini's corpuscles, which are also present in the tongue, nipples and, of course — the clitoris. In the case of the penis, these nerve endings are concentrated in the frenulum and are difficult to stimulate by stroking. As the brand explains, they mainly respond to rapid vibrations and deep mechanical pressure. This is the secret of the Ion Arcwave.

To be clear, it's made up of a black, medical-grade silicone sleeve that's longer at the top to ensure a better grip, and it fits the penis perfectly. The underside emits the air waves that generate vibrating pulses on the frenulum. It only activates when it comes into contact with your skin; it’s silent and and very easy to clean — thanks to the 'twist to open' mechanism. Simply wash it with warm water and neutral soap after each use. It also includes a discreet charging which doubles as a drying aid after cleaning.

How do you use the Ion Arcwave?

The Ion Arcwave has three buttons. Press the + until it turns on, generously apply water-based lubricant to the device and your penis, and insert it inside the sleeve. With Smart Silence mode on, the Ion will start up immediately after it comes into contact with your skin. Use the + and – buttons to increase or decrease the intensity of stimulation.

Main features of the Ion Arcwave:

  • A male masturbator that delivers orgasms like those experienced by the female of the species — more intense, longer-lasting and more varied.
  • It incorporates Pleasure Air technology which makes use of airwave stimulation.
  • It stimulates the frenulum — an area full of particularly sensitive nerve endings (Pacini's corpuscles) — with vibrating pulses.
  • Made of hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone — it's 100% body-safe.
  • Incredibly silent — it only starts up when it comes into contact with your skin.
  • It's very easy to clean — simply open it up and wash it with soap and water.
  • Compatible with any water-based lube.
  • Elegant design.
  • Includes charging and storage base.
  • Waterproof.
  • Usage time: 70 minutes at full power.
  • Charging time: 120 minutes.
  • Simple control panel with three butttons.
  • Dimensions: 15.35 x 5.2 x 8.32 cm.

Get ready to experience a brand new orgasm — are you ready?

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Arcwave Ion Masturbator

Discover the new penis sucker, a male toy that promises more intense and varied orgasms.

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