Tenga Flex Rocky Black Masturbator

Tenga Flex Rocky Black Masturbator

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If you're a true pleasure seeker; if you're always on the lookout for new sensations; if you're eager to discover the latest sex toys — you've come to the right place. We love investigating, and there's nothing more fun than doing it in the name of sexual pleasure. To be fair, Tenga is a safe bet. Constantly evolving, the inventions of the prestigious Japanese company — famous for their famous masturbator eggs — always leave us open-mouthed. Have you heard of the Tenga Flex Rocky Black? The key to this masturbator is in its flexible and malleable material. Its spiral grooves allow you to squeeze and grip as, amazingly — it unwinds as you insert your penis. This creates a twisting motion that'll provide you with out-of-this-world pleasure.

As is customary for Tenga, they have not just launched one model in its Flex series, but two — the Tenga Flex Rocky Black and the Tenga Flex Silky White. What's the difference? The differences lie in their internal chambers. Are you into high-voltage thrills? The Flex Rocky Black, made from a harder material with firmer internal details — providing stronger and more intense stimulation.

How do you use the Tenga Flex Rocky Black masturbator?

Despite its appearance at first glance, both the outer case and the internal sleeve of the Tenga Flex are made of elastomer. It's malleable and flexible — the spiral grooves of the sleeve produce a totally new kind of spiral stimulation. Remember that the use of lube is absolutely essential for easier insertion and to make the experience much more pleasurable. Your Flex comes with a single dose sachet for your first use. After this, the brand recommends using one of the lubricants from Tenga's Hole Lotion series. In any case, never use oily or silicone-based lubricants, which could damage and deform the toy.

Insert your penis into what will soon be your new favourite toy and grip, squeeze and twist to your satisfaction. Cover the hole at the top of the Flex with your finger and experience a powerful sucking sensation.

How do you clean the Tenga Flex Rocky Black masturbator?

Once you've finished, remove the inner sleeve from the casing, turn it around and wash it with warm water. Dry it carefully with a towel and turn it over again so that the material doesn't get damaged. If you pop the lid of the Tenga Flex back, you have a drying stand; simply slide the sleeve down the stand and let it air-dry. Wait until it's completely dry (this is very important to prevent germs and mould from proliferating), then place the sleeve back into the casing and put the lid back on until next time.

Features of the Tenga Flex Rocky Black:

  • Masturbator with spiral structure.
  • Malleable, flexible and very soft to the touch.
  • Reusable.
  • Easy to to use and clean.
  • Insertable length: 16.5 cm (6.5").
  • Insertable width: 6 cm (2.4").

The spiralling pleasure will drive you crazy.

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