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Tenga's Flip Zero Masturbator heralds an incredible technological breakthrough in the world of men's toys. Although the Japanese company was already a leader in this sector, they have continued to innovate — to the delight of their loyal consumers all over the world. One big reason for Tenga's success is that they only use materials of the highest quality for all their toys. 

So, what makes the Flip Zero different from other male masturbators by Tenga?

  • This flip-open device has an integrated pivot and its hinge is found where you insert your penis — delivering super-intense sensations.
  • It features a one-way valve system that enhances its vacuum effect.
  • The case, made of polycarbonate (PC), features silicone pressure pads that you can squeeze at any time to focus the stimulation on certain areas or to create an internal vacuum. The air will be released at the top, meaning you experience unique sensations.
  • Its internal chamber, made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), is approximately 16 cm (6.3") long and 5 cm (1.9") in length. It boasts an innovative design — consisting of 4 distinct parts formed by all kinds of layers, ridges, nubs and ripples that will envelop and stimulate you from all angles.

You're eager to try it, right? Remember that lubricant is required to be able to use the Flip Zero. Although Tenga recommends its Hole Lotion (the masturbator comes with a couple of samples), you can use any water-based lubricant. Make sure you smear the internal chamber as well as the entry point generously. Scrimping on lube could cause you to feel discomfort. However, going overboard with the lube could lead to leakage through the one-way valve.

At EroticFeel, we love to give you good news and that's why we think you'll be delighted to know that the Tenga Flip Zero is reusable! This means that, with good maintenance, it can accompany you on countless adventures. Would you like to hear our suggestions for perfect masturbator maintenance?

  • First of all, make sure you wash the product after each use. To do this correctly, pull out its sliding arms to unfold. We recommend using warm water and neutral soap. You don't have to use any special products.
  • Once clean, you should go about drying it. It's very important that no moisture is left on the product. This will prevent the proliferation of mould or even bacteria. The sliding arms will serve as a drying stand. So, keep the product open until it's completely dry.
  • Before storing your Tenga Flip Zero, make sure you close it tightly by putting the sliding arms back in place. We recommend that you store it inside the transparent case that it comes with. For extra protection and if you're travelling with your Tenga Flip Zero, you can attach the silicone band provided.

Do you dare to join the Tenga generation?

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